The Creators of the Coronavirus App Launches Coronalytics

Three months ago, one of the very first coronavirus app was launched by two French and Korean ex-pats currently living in Taiwan. The coronavirus app, located here, is a searchable interactive app that shows real-time updates on the virus by pulling data from the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other resources. Now they have launched a new product; Coronalytics.

They found, one of the most requested features of the coronavirus app was the ability to compare the spread of the virus across countries. And by that, they found out that people meant predicting where a country is headed based on the curves of other countries. As they continued to build out the app they realized that it was too big of a feature to be just that, a feature, so instead they created Coronalytics.

With Coronalytics, users can compare the spread of COVID-19 across time, countries and regions, using a wide range of charts: cases, deaths, fatality rate, cases per million people across time, etc.

Since creating the coronavirus app, they have been collecting data longer than anyone else and for most countries, including the United States, and they have historical data since case #1. Their original app turned out to be quite popular, with well over 100M+ visits and 1M+ users visiting the app on a daily basis.

To help support the creators of the coronavirus app and Coronalytics they have set up a page where you can buy them coffee located here: Thus far, 2,000+ incredible supporters have bought them a coffee!

To learn more about Coronalytics please visit:


Source: Coronavirus App