TEDDY VONRANSON Fall/Winter 2021 “Manhattan Island” Collection at New York Men’s Day During Fashion Week

During New York Men’s Day on Monday, February 15, 2021, TEDDY VONRANSON, a global lifestyle brand, unveiled their Fall/Winter 2021 Collection, Manhattan Island: a love letter to New York City.

Per designer Teddy von Ranson, “It was important to me that this collection be about New York City. Spending time apart was grounding and reflective but I was eager to be reunited. And though it may feel as if we lost the vibrant energy that is the signature of NYC, the colors are still there for those who have the eyes to see and make the effort to use their imagination.”

Teddy von Ranson chose warmth over coldness his Fall/Winter collection, a warm celebratory feeling usually reserved for a vacation wardrobe. Within the collection he included playful juxtapositions like mixing traditional English tweeds and checks back to rayon Hawaiian prints.

He did this by incorporating an emerald green suede jacket over a bright yellow wool sweater and a palm leaf shirt or a pink wool suit over a mauve sweater and a tweed hat. Other looks included a red wool suit over a tan nubuck shirt paired with ivory sunglasses; a jade wool jacket combined with a black Hawaiian print that reminds the designer of the city lights at night; a valiant attempt to repay NYC for all the prior love this city bestowed on him.

The TEDDY VONRANSON Fall/Winter 2021 collection was named Manhattan Island as an optimistic love letter to the NYC he cherishes through the merging of East Coast and West Coast references that has become Teddy von Ranson signature.

To learn more and shop TEDDY VONRANSON Collections please visit: https://www.teddyvonranson.com/. For more information about New York Men’s Day please visit: https://www.newyorkmensday.com/.


Drawing on 15 years with the company who shaped the identity of American Fashion for the past five decades, Teddy von Ranson aims to define new American classics that capture modern American life; equally influenced by East and West Coast with strong synergies to European discernment. Once separate and distinct, East Coast and West Coast sensibilities have now merged, and combined with European aesthetics, constructed a new identity; thus the need to redefine American Classics. Teddy’s vision is anchored in modernity.

Following the guidelines he worked with most of his career: longevity, timelessness and style, the collection is rooted in quality and authentic details. Reflecting his consumer’s values of exclusivity and style, TEDDY VONRANSON offers Classics, Outerwear, Tailoring, Shirts and Knits, Fashion Denim, Logoed sportswear and Swim.


Source: TEDDY VONRANSON, New York Men’s Day, NYFW, Agentry PR