FoodFaves “Crave Quiz” Algorithm Update and New Foodie Features on the App

Let’s face it, we all have food cravings and with smartphones we have the opportunity to check out pictures of local restaurants dishes before even walking in the restaurant. For years most people would go to Yelp but there is a new and updated foodie app you all should check out. The FoodFaves App just launched its first major update on the app store and it is said that it’s better at pinpointing what users’ taste buds want. FoodFaves’ Crave Quiz feature enables users to swipe left or right through food pics to gauge likes and dislikes and recommend nearby food. Continue Reading →

FoodFaves App – Tech Making Food Porn a Reality

FoodFaves is a new mobile app where foodies connect with pictures of delicious food posted by nearby restaurants, and they share those pictures with followers. All pics are tagged with address, map and miles radius to that restaurant. FoodFaves’ algorithm is your personal dining assistant that gets to know what foods you like, where you live/work and helps you identify pics of amazing food and how to go get it! Continue Reading →

Tech Leaders Showing Employee Appreciation with Custom Oil Paintings by Noblified

As much as I believe in employee incentives and rewards for doing a great job I think a Custom Oil Painting may be a tad over the top. If you are curious on who started this trend, it would be our good friends at Yelp! It seems to be a growing trend in Silicon Valley with Twitter, Google, AirBNB and various other technology companies also starting to do this as an employee incentive as well.

Below is the original article posted today from Noblified with more information on this new and growing trend for technology companies.

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