Style Fashion Week’s DUSK TILL DAWN Artist Lounge At Coachella 2018

Style Fashion Week’s next event will be at Coachella that will have the STYLE ARTIST LOUNGE named DUSK TILL DAWN that begins tomorrow. The DUSK TILL DAWN will be full of meditation, yoga and beauty lounges along with fashion from Style Fashion Week Palm Springs shows and great music. Continue Reading →

Style Fashion Week Palm Springs 2018 Recap

On Sunday, April 8th, Style Fashion Week Palm Springs concluded their four days of fashion and runway shows Palm Springs Air Museum. Notorious Pink Rosè and GT’s Living Foods Kombucha Cocktails provided beverages while attendees shopped the Style Fashion Week marketplace that featured artwork by local artists and brands including Father Akki, John Otterson, Jev Pic, Sharon Ryder, Brandini Toffee, Pura Vida Bracelets and others. Sofia Zorian opened the night and further live performances for the evening included by Vezt music artists, Chris Stylez and Mann. Continue Reading →

Style Fashion Week 2018 Events in Palm Springs and at Coachella

Style Fashion Week is an annual event that includes runway shows, performances and exclusive installations. The event takes place in the following cities annually: Continue Reading →

Vezt Music App and the Style Artist Lounge at Art Basel

Since the early 1900s, when music recording began, there has been a struggle on the cut of royalties between artists, right buyers and record labels. A great example of this is in 1981 when Tom Petty went head-to-head with MCA again in 1981 when the label pushed to sell his next album, “Hard Promises,” for $9.98 a piece which was full dollar more than the norm back then. Petty refused to release the record, stating that he wanted to keep costs down for his fans. He eventually won the battle but what a huge waste of time and energy. I am told till this day some artists still fall victim to a smaller cut of the royalties for their own work. Isn’t there a better way to make this all an easier process for both artist and right buyers?

Introducing Vezt Music App! Continue Reading →