Style Fashion Week’s DUSK TILL DAWN Artist Lounge At Coachella 2018

Style Fashion Week’s next event will be at Coachella that will have the STYLE ARTIST LOUNGE named DUSK TILL DAWN that begins tomorrow. The DUSK TILL DAWN will be full of meditation, yoga and beauty lounges along with fashion from Style Fashion Week Palm Springs shows and great music.


Style Fashion Week Daytime activities at Coachella are from 12:00pm to 6:00pm where guests will be able to experience yoga, massage, guided meditation in the garden, beauty bars and lounges. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet spiritual healers, astrologers and try psychic mediums juices. They will also have samples of a variety of CBD Oil and THC infused products. In the evening from 10:00pm till dawn, there will live music performances with a full bar. The daytime activities offered by Tantris Yoga and Ganja Goddess Getaways will submerge guests in an oasis retreat and leave them refreshed. On April 14th, attendees can shop and preview collections by emerging designers that were featured in the Style Fashion Week Palm Springs show that included: Oliver Ford Swim, Smock Me, Underrated & Romeo & Juliet Couture.


Similar to the day events as Coachella attendees can sample CBD Oil and THC infused foods and desserts, in addition to a huge selection of delicious food vendors. At the DUSK TILL DAWN lounge guests can enjoy music by Paris Hilton, Chanel West Coast, Kyroman, EC Twins, Outside0utside, Riiottt & others.

The Dusk Till Dawn Oasis Retreat is a free event during Coachella that is Presented by Tantris Yoga and Ganja Goddess Getaways.  Attendees can immerse themselves in sound bath meditation, deep house yoga, acro yoga and more. Enjoy THC and CBD sampling from top brands around the country. Connect with your soul with tarot readings and art.

The confirmed celebrity, stylist and special guests for DUSK TILL DAWN include: Paris Hilton, Chanel West Coast, Alisha Marie, Jeanine Amapola, Charlotte McKinney, Niki DeMartino, Jessie Paege, Katie Maloney, Bellamy Young, Alyson Stoner, Ashley North, Shelby Church, Andy Ashton, Andre Emery, Oliver Ford & More.

For tickets to DUSK TILL DAWN please visit: For weekend two ticket’s to Style Fashion Week’s DUSK TILL DAWN lounge please click here. For more information and tickets for Coachella please visit: We weren’t able to attend Coachella this year but will have a recap of weekend one and two for our readers once Coachella 2018 is over.


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