G-Core Labs Launches Innovative Cloud Media Platform for Video Broadcasting Worldwide

G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, recently unveiled a unique media platform for video broadcasting and steaming that allows users to deliver video content to any device in Full HD, 4K and other formats worldwide. With this new platform, there is no need for your own servers for transcoding, content delivery network or technical experts to arrange a broadcast which now makes it easier for publishers.

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Titmouse Announces New VR Interactive Music Video and the Launch of Gravy Time

Cutting edge technology, creativity, and innovation are what makes or breaks your VR/ AR experience. This especially applies to VR interactive music videos as there are some out there that should just be trashed or embarrassed to call their video a VR experience. The great news is when there is a good one out there it stands out from the rest like Titmouse’s new VR interactive video. The Emmy award-winning animation studio, Titmouse, had three announcements yesterday with one being their new “Show It 2 Me” interactive music video. Continue Reading →