The SOCIETY Experience at New York Fashion Week 2019

The New York Fashion Week event powered by The SOCIETY provides one of the best touring Fashion Experience with leading Fashion Designers, Entertainment, and Production all under one roof at the Broad Street Ballroom from September 5th through the 8th in New York City. The SOCIETY is the only large scale production company in the world to have both a large scale Fashion Week experience along with a full Fashion Trade Show.  With Fashion Designers and Exhibitors coming from around the world to participate within our events it only makes sense to choose an event that offers everything, with an experience from beginning to end.

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New York Fashion Week: The Shows Guide

This year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) will begin on Friday, September 6th and ends on Saturday, September 14 throughout Manhattan. There are several different sites to find the shows, events and live streams of the most fashionable week of the year! We have compiled a list of sites that can point you in the right direction for the shows, open-to-the-public tickets and NYFW events.  

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If you aren’t able to make any of the fashion week shows you can still see them, LIVE in fact! is dedicated to organizing the international fashion week calendar, hosting LIVE streams from the “Big 4,” and helping promote fashion week for the press and general public. Each year during fashion week,, streams LIVE videos of shows and if you missed a show you can watch the replay in month view.

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NYFW 2019 THE SHOWS and The Experience Begin February 8th

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) THE SHOWS begin on Friday, February 8th and ends on Saturday, February 16th, 2019. The main venue for NYFW THE SHOWS will be at Spring Studios located at 50 Varick Street, New York and the schedule can be found here: Though NYFW THE SHOWS starts on the 8th their recently published schedule has fashion events starting on the 6th.

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New York Fashion Week Has Begun And We Have Several Options For Those Wanting To Attend the Shows

Today was the official first day of New York Fashion Week. Each year the world’s top fashion designer gather in New York to celebrate their new fashion lines or host a fashion show of their new designs. It’s a great time to be in New York, the energy is amazing! Continue Reading →

Reebok and NYFW #SweatStyleContest – Three Days Left to Enter

I just recently learned about the Reebok and New York Fashion Week Contest to win $500 gift card for a Reebok gift card! There are only three days left to win and to enter is simple. Post a photo or video of your workout style to Instagram or Twitter with #SweatStyleContest, tagging @Reebok, for a chance to win the Reebok gift card. Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week Live Streams and Attending Information

New York Fashion Week is Thursday, September 7th and ends on Wednesday, September 13th. Though you may not be able to attend this year there are 3 great sites that will be doing 24/7 live streams throughout the week. Below are the NYFW live stream sites: Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week for Free

NYFWIf you’re like me during New York fashion week, I window shop via livestream or am in constant pursuit of articles and pictures of that day’s show. Per my previous post on the 2015 New York Fashion Show you can view the livestream on New York Fashion Week Live and also the replays of days before but I yearned for more.

I normally go to for pictures and a glimpse of what is going on during NYC Fashion week. Unfortunately you can only go so far without having a subscription which for a year is $149.00, OR you can try it for one month for free if you have a credit card.  Which means if you’re a teenager without credit or do not have a credit card in general you are at a stand still.

I began searching for more sites to get more information on free events, pictures and the fashion buzz of shows during NYC Fashion week and came up with this short list of sites that can let you celebrate fashionistas favorite week of the year for FREE! Continue Reading →