Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and LIVE Coverage Information

Source: Getty Images, 2018 Winter Olympics

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, Korea. The overall theme of the ceremony besides technology was peace and hope as North and South Korea united for the winter games. The ceremony featured 2,900 athletes from roughly 90 nations. The technology advanced stadium was built specifically for the winter games and the displays throughout the ceremony was mind blowing.   The stadium combines various circles, squares and triangles geometric forms which represent heaven, earth and mankind. Throughout the entire ceremony there were elaborate digital and light displays along with fireworks plus several different regional dance performances that included fire.   Continue Reading →

How to Help the Ariana Grande Concert Victims (Updated)

Source: Austin Courrege/Bustle

Source: Austin Courrege/Bustle

The world was shocked after hearing about the Ariana Grande Concert terrorist incident that happened yesterday in Manchester. Reported by NBC as of now there are 22 fatalities including children and 59 injured plus several people are still missing from this tragic event. As of now those that live in the area or nearby are urged to stay away per Mayor Andy Burham until further notice. Per Mayor Andy Burnham’s tweet for those stranded in the area and have access to twitter use #RoomForManchester where hotels and local people are offering refuge.

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