The Ruby Cup: Helping Young Women in Kenya

Ruby Cup has a 2017 initiative to distribute over 31,000 Ruby Cups to young women in Kenya and other impoverished countries by the end of year. Amazingly 16,000 Ruby Cups have already been distributed through the company’s “Buy 1 – Give 1” program, and 15,000 are awaiting shipment. I personally was unaware how many young women miss school due to their periods and the lack of education about their periods, the female anatomy, reproductive health, and hygiene in Kenya and impoverished countries.

The Ruby Cup founders focus for 2017 is to educate school girls in Kenya about their periods, the female anatomy, reproductive health, hygiene, and how to use a menstrual cup. When I received the email from Ruby Cup about the Kenya project this quote not only stood out but speaks volumes about the lack of education of the menstruation cycle they currently have in Kenya and other impoverished countries. Continue Reading →