Create Your Own VR-enabled Virtual Tours Using the New Tour Builder Platform by Concept3D

Have you ever wanted to create your own VR-enabled virtual tours for your business or project but no idea on how to create one? The wait for figuring out how to create your very own VR-enabled virtual tour is now over! Last week, Concept3D, a leader in creating software to power immersive online experiences, announced the launch of its new Tour Builder platform which allows users to create, manage and share their own VR-enabled virtual tours like never before. Below are the key features of the Concept3D tour builder platform: Continue Reading →

Texas A&M Launches Xplorer Virtual Tour

It’s a sign of times when you can now take a tour of your potential college using virtual reality! Back in my day we all would have to physically visit the campus to get a good idea about the campus which was fun since sometimes your parents didn’t go with you. Then again back in my day we all had beepers and only the rich kids had their own PCs and cell phones. Boy have times changed and I am not even that old!

This week Texas A&M University launched a new VR-enabled virtual tour powered by concept3D Inc’s Xplorer Virtual Tour. Continue Reading →