Sleep Number Smart Beds Announced As The Official Sleep And Wellness Partner Of The NFL

Announced today, Sleep Number and the National Football League will have a multi-year partnership aimed at helping to improve players’ performance by maximizing the benefits of a great night of sleep. Ironically announced four days before the Super Bowl. Through this partnership, every player in the league will be offered a Sleep Number 360™ smart bed with SleepIQ® technology. One has to wonder how much each NFL player will have to pay for a Sleep Number 360™ smart bed, do they receive a discount or is it free as being part of the NFL?

As part of their joint commitment to improve sleep for the entire NFL, the two organizations will:

  • Offer all active NFL players Sleep Number 360 smart beds. Per Sleep Number what you sleep on directly impacts sleep quality and performance.
  • Work with players, teams and trainers to integrate sleep insights into their training.

The adjustability of Sleep Number smart beds together with the advanced biometrics of SleepIQ technology will help players understand how better sleep impacts their on-the-field performance. The SleepIQ® technology senses your movements then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support to keep you sleeping all night long.

The new partnership will also utilize Sleep Number’s expertise in the impact of sleep on overall health and performance, while further strengthening the company’s already comprehensive sleep data insights. The SleepIQ® technology platform, powering one of the most comprehensive databases of biometric consumer sleep data is fundamentally changing the way Sleep Number monitors and manages health.

For additional information about this press release, visit the Sleep Number newsroom and investor relations site. If you would like more information about the Sleep Number 360™ smart bed with SleepIQ® technology please visit:


Source: Sleep Number, NFL