SenseGlove Nova Haptic Force-Feedback Gloves Now Shipping Worldwide

SenseGlove Nova, a new version of haptic force-feedback gloves designed specifically for professional VR training and research purposes launched by SenseGlove, the developer of force and haptic feedback gloves, has begun shipping worldwide. Featuring an updated flexible form-factor in combination with unparalleled haptic technologies and smooth hand tracking, the SenseGlove Nova enables users to feel shapes, textures, stiffness, impacts and resistance in virtual reality.

Available for purchase on the SenseGlove website, Nova’s level of usability and touch-enabling technology helps to upscale all kinds of VR training programs, such as training to handle hazardous materials, carrying out complex tasks with multiple tools and objects, and learning to design and test physical prototypes. Use cases include VR training, virtual prototyping, research and telerobotics, and marketing. 

SenseGlove Nova features include:

  • An improved material that adds durability and comfort, which consists of two main parts: the soft gloves created with a smart textile material that contains antibacterial fabric and an electronic part attached to the soft gloves and produced via injection molding.
  • Available in three different sizes, the gloves can be easily detached from the electronic part and washed as needed.
  • Retail for $5,000 USD for a set of two gloves. Bulk orders of 10 or more Nova gloves are available at a discounted rate of $3,500 per set of gloves.
  • Getting Started Guide, a glove charger, tracker mounts and tools to attach them are also included. Oculus Quest and HTC Vive headset users need to install their controllers/trackers on top of the gloves by using the mounts that come in the Nova box. The controllers and trackers are used to detect hands, and must be installed this way due to the limited access to the headsets’ API.

How SenseGlove’s Force Feedback Technology Works:

SenseGlove’s proprietary force feedback technology enables lifelike interactions, which is crucial for complex task training. The SenseGlove exoskeleton is inspired by the human tendon muscle system. By applying resistance through its magnetic friction brakes, SenseGlove emulates the feeling of object density and size.

The SenseGlove Nova incorporates four brakes dedicated to each finger from thumb to ring finger. Each brake delivers up to 20N of force, which is equivalent to the weight of a 2 kg (4.4 lbs) brick on each finger and makes for unparalleled force feedback. The different amounts of force, transferred to the fingertips through mechanical wires, allows SenseGlove to enhance training simulations with a wide variety of virtual objects, from robust engines to fragile light bulbs.

For the vibrotactile feedback of SenseGlove Nova, SenseGlove has embedded an advanced voice coil actuator technology that allows the Nova to render the feeling of realistic button clicks and impact simulations, which are crucial for virtual reality training with tools and dashboards. Both the thumb and the index finger have their own vibrotactile actuator, while the voice coil actuator is located in the hub of the glove.

The unique force-and vibrotactile feedback is incorporated into a user-friendly flexible glove. Haptic features, advanced motion tracking, and compatibility with the latest standalone headsets and scalable pricing make SenseGlove Nova the new standard in professional VR interactions.

The SenseGlove Nova can be purchased here:

About SenseGlove

SenseGlove develops force and haptic feedback gloves that enable professionals to feel and interact with virtual objects for VR training and research purposes. Every interaction using the SenseGlove makes virtual reality feel like a physical, real-world environment. Today, SenseGlove products are used to increase the effectiveness of VR/AR research (SenseGlove DK1) or for training and enterprise solutions (SenseGlove Nova) for customers, including Volkswagen, Airbus, Scania, Honda, Cambridge University, TNO, Fraunhofer, Siemens, The Royal Dutch Army, and others.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in the YES!Delft Tech Incubator in the Netherlands, SenseGlove is a privately held company backed by and Value Creation Capital. Learn more at


Source: SenseGlove