RedTube Launches New Adult Greeting Card Shop

Yesterday, RedTube, a premier adult video sharing platform, announced the launch of ‘Speak From the Heart,’ a new adult greeting card shop available on its site.

RedTube, which receives more than 20 million visits to its site each day, sees the greeting card shop as an opportunity to tap into a whole new market that is sure to give its fans and the beneficiaries of the greeting card. This is a smart move for RedTube as the United States greeting card market is over a $6.5 Billion dollar industry.

Furthermore the national annual revenue from the adult film industry is $13.3 Billion with only $1.73 Billion revenue for the “novelties” category which include adult toys, greeting cards, and gag gifts. There is definitely room to grow within the adult novelties category and I think RedTube is on to something that could grow quickly.

With the launch of RedTube’s “Speak From the Heart” shop users can shop a selection of clever cards suited for a variety of holidays and occasions. RedTube’s new adult greeting card shop will open with 20 uniquely designed cards for a variety of occasions and sentiments, including birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays and messages of gratitude.

I personally think their cards are hilarious, in fact I laughed a good portion of my morning reading RedTube’s greeting cards. My personal favorites were the Christmas, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day cards.

The cards start at $5 and are available for purchase on If you don’t have time to wait for the card to be delivered they are also available in printable PDF. For more information or to purchase a RedTube greeting card today, please visit


About RedTube:

RedTube is a premier adult video sharing platform.  Founded in 2007, it is one of the leading online destinations for people seeking free, streaming adult videos. RedTube hosts a vast archive of over 1 million pornographic videos and receives over 20 million visitors a day. More than just videos, the website also hosts hundreds of thousands of photos and features a social media platform that boasts a thriving community of over 3 million registered users.​

Source: RedTube, Greeting Card Association, Forbes