REDENIM: The New Way to Shop for Designer and Affordable Women’s Jeans

The clothing box hysteria has been going on for years but what you may not know is most are backed by large corporate companies. Recently in our beloved city of Austin, Kelly Ernst launched her small business, Redenim, which uses algorithms to simplify the jeans buying heartache for women across the U.S.  Finding the perfect jean is always a challenge and when you finally find the right pair you have a “Eureka” moment! Now, Redenim can help you achieve that without the frustration! Per her KXAN interview, Kelly Ernst stated, “We’re a tech company that happens to sell pants.” As Austinites and a small business, we wanted to inform our readers and fans of this new jean technology breakthrough! How does Redenim work?

Redenim asks users a series of questions about their preferences and body shapes. Redenim then uses their technology to find high-end jeans that fit well physically and stylistically. The Redenim staff styles every box and contains a unique mix of jeans. The prices per pair will vary but Redenim works within your budget to ensure you get the jeans you want at an affordable price.

Getting started with Redenim you must create a profile that consists of all your personal preferences like weight, height, price point and several other jean style options to choose from.

The $19 styling fee will be applied towards your final purchase. There is no monthly membership fee and you will receive an additional 20% off purchase if you keep the whole box. Similar to every other clothing box services, customers keep what they want and send back the rest. Since its Small Business Week, check out your jean possibilities using Redenim, it’s easy to use to find that perfect pair of jeans.

About Redenim:

Redenim believes all women deserve high quality, premium denim. They source jeans from brands that are transparent about their manufacturing practices and donate denim to charities in need. Ernst is currently shipping out of a small storage room at the Refinery, a co-working space downtown, but plans to expand to a larger warehouse as demand continues to grow. She only launched the company a couple months ago but told Austin’s KXAN the growth they’ve seen already is a good indication of what’s to come.


Source: Redenim, KXAN