QuantumERA™ Launches Gettysburg: A Nation Divided AR360 App

During this unique time, keeping kids learning and engaged at home can have its challenges however there is new app to help students of all ages get excited and immersed in Civil War history. Recently launched, QuantumERA™, a content creation company that creates mixed reality experiences, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided app takes users back in time to a battle in the Civil War and immerses them in the action using AR360. Gettysburg: A Nation Divided’s animation allows players to walk amidst soldiers and experience the battle unfolding around them.

The AR360 app’s high-end, game-quality animation; VFX; and Slo-Mo 360 scenes pull the audience into the battle. Actor Scott Eastwood narrates the epic adventure as interactive, 360-degree views and avatars of real-life soldiers set the scene.

With the app, players can join forces at McPherson’s Ridge when the first shot in the battle is fired or stand beside President Lincoln as he delivers the Gettysburg Address. Go on a scavenger hunt to uncover historical artifacts and earn your reward in Civil War coins. Not just an app, but an immersive experience, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided is your personal tour guide.

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided can turn your own home into the battlefield; or be used onsite at Gettysburg, where geolocation and an interactive map bring the setting to life withs production-quality animation that overlays battle scenes on locations where actual events took place.

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided (SRP $12.99) is available for the promotional price of $3.99 through May 31, 2020. Currently available for iOS devices in the App Store; app for Android devices coming soon to Google Play. Direct link to the mobile app: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1495662839?pt=119022008&ct=MP05010518&mt=8.

For a limited time, QuantumERA is pleased to offer FREE downloads of the beta version for students, parents and educators. Simply download the new AR360 app, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided, and then visit our education partner‘s website, www.PerspectivesXR.org where teachers and students can find activities and free resources.

To learn more about QuantumERA or Gettysburg: A Nation Divided please visit: https://quantumera.com.


Source: QuantumERA