Pei Automatic Cashback App Announces it Has Raised Seed Funding

The Fintech startup, Pei, just announced they have raised seed funding to bring retailer card rewards and benefits on to existing debit and credit cards. The Austin based start-up that launched in 2018 allows users to earn automatic cashback on card purchases in bitcoin or cash. With their partnership with 60,000 retailers the app allows users more retail store options to earn rewards.

The Pei app provides customer analytics that incorporate historical engagement and loyalty behavior, while allowing retailers more visibility into their online and offline channel business.

While still in beta form by the end of 2018 Pei has a 211k+ person waitlist (and growing), 60,000 supported retail partners, and now seed funding to grow its offerings for both users and retailers. Per the Pei Press release this week, they plan to start off the year by inviting its 211,000+ person waitlist and adding new personnel to its growing team. Over the next 6 months Pei plans to continue to connect retailers with online and offline data while also exploring publisher partners for its API.

How Pei works:

  • Link your debit and credit cards
  • Spend as you would at thousands of your favorite spots
  • Receive automatic cashback rewards in Bitcoin or cash

Pei Benefits:

  • Double Dip Rewards – Receive Pei Points in addition to your credit card points!
  • Share the Love – Pei allows you to earn more cashback and benefits with friends.
  • Cash out in Crypto – Cash out securely in the currency that works best for you.

Pei Security and Privacy:

If you are concerned about security since it does have to deal with your money here are Pei’s security guidelines:

  • Pei uses bank–level 256–bit encryption for end–to–end encrypted communication, meaning your information is secure every step of the way.
  • Pei takes your privacy and security a step further by utilizing 2–factor authentication when linking your cards.
  • Pei anonymizes all data and works directly with your financial institution to verify cashback.

To sign up on the waitlist and to check your position on the waitlist for Pei please visit: The app can be found in both the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

For more information on Pei, visit


Source: Pei