Oxford Fashion Studio Show Recap: Y.H. Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

During New York Fashion Week, Y.H. Design Studios, a worldwide design brand, showed their Spring/Summer 2020 Collection during the Oxford Fashion Studio shows at Pier 59 Studios. Y.H. is a luxury sportswear brand that creates womenswear that shapes feminine bodies in a comfortable way. The models wore garments in bold colors that were designed using functional patterns with each piece created to move.

For this collection, Y.H. focused on the interaction between garments and form by combining high technology fabric bonding and precise pattern making.

Color-blocking plays an important part of Y.H’s brand aesthetic, introducing different vibrant color palette combination in each collection.

This collection was and is inspired by the uneven skyline of cities in contrast to a clear open landscape.

Throughout the show Y.H. designs expressed femininity with edgy cut layers in vibrant colors.

Y.H.’s site is coming soon and can be found here: http://www.yh-designstudios.com/.

About Y.H. Design Studios:

YH Design Studios is a worldwide operating design company with an apparent focus on quality and creativity. Their work encompasses graphics and identity, websites and digital experiences, mobile app development, advertising and communications, products and packaging. With a team of specialists all in its own field, they provide the highest most creative work in the market. They are dedicated in helping our clients to meet their business needs in the most effective and efficient way. They believe that the value of hard work combined with professional expertise will make them succeed in bringing their clients’ businesses to success.


Source: Oxford Fashion Studio, Pier 59, Y.H.