NOW SHIPPING: The VAUX Speaker For The Amazon Echo Dot

A couple weeks ago I did an article on VAUX, the first battery-powered speaker created specifically for the Amazon Echo Dot.  Announced today VAUX is NOW available at for only $49.

The VAUX speaker has an amazing amount of specs and features to help you decide if VAUX is the right speaker for you and they include:

  • Compatible with 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot
  • Wireless when fully charged
  • Amazon Echo Dot drops in and nests securely into the top of VAUX
  • Two active 52mm drivers and one 90mm x 50mm passive radiator deliver impressive sound and bass
  • Rechargeable 5000 mAh Lithium-ion battery for 6 hours of battery life between micro-USB charges
  • Premium fine knit acoustic fabric with anti-stain finish
  • 3.5mm Aux Input provides a potable speaker for your mobile device or tablet
  • Micro-USB charging input. Use your existing Amazon Dot Power
  • Adapter to charge VAUX
  • Power button with status indicator light
  • Dimensions: Height 163mm / 6.4”, Diameter 106mm / 4.2”

What’s the difference between VAUX vs. TAP?

  • Audio is comparable but as a reminder the sound is subjective to each consumer, the intent wasn’t to be a “Tap killer”, but to Elevate the Amazon Echo Dot.
  • VAUX is $30 less (Vaux+Dot) and while Tap does have a cradle, VAUX does not. It’s up to the consumer on if they think TAP is worth $30 more for that convenience.
  • You can take the Dot out for alternate use cases. It is specifically designed to dress up and elevate the Dot and in a different scenarios but you can dress it down if you want to. Tap, you get what you get depending on your consumer preferences.
  • The LED light right is a visual Alexa confirmation on VAUX and unfortunately you do not get that on Tap.
  • VAUX has an added Aux In-line for playing other devices through the VAUX with no need to remove the Dot.
  • VAUX has a 6 -8 hours of run time but Alexa is always on.

Below is today’s Official Press Release regarding VAUX with more information and specifications.

Palo Alto, CA, April 20, 2017 – Ninety7, a technology lifestyle company, today announced VAUX, the first battery-powered speaker designed specifically for the Amazon Echo Dot (second generation) is now shipping and is available at for $49. Consumers can now cut the cord and “set their Dot free,” allowing them mobility, as well as increased audio quality.  The product was created exclusively for the Dot and with its easy plug-and-play set-up, users simply pop their Dot into the top of the Vaux, plug in the internal connectors and now don’t have to worry about being near an electrical outlet. Tunes can jam through a more powerful speaker from anywhere in the house and Alexa can easily move from room to room.  Vaux comes in two colors to match the Dot, Carbon and Ash, enabling consumers to “dress up” their Amazon product and have it seamlessly blend in with their home environment – Turning a tech product into a beautiful home accessory.

VAUX features:

A powerful speaker that enriches the audio quality of the Amazon Echo Dot. Whether listening to music or an audio book, or asking Alexa questions, VAUX enhances the sound quality and performance of the Dot. Additionally, users can connect their mobile devices or tablets via a 3.5mm jack and instantly use VAUX to upgrade their Dot to a portable sound system.

Portability. Users can now unleash the functionality of the Dot beyond the reach of the power cable – because, after all, we move around our homes. With a rechargeable battery, VAUX creates a companion home-command center as portable as your cell phone: order pizza from Dominos in the kitchen; grab the VAUX and listen to an audio book in the bath before heading to bed, set the alarm and request your favorite music to help you sleep.

Style. As an integral part of the user’s home, VAUX was created with both aesthetics and utility in mind.  Ninety7 believes that there should be no distinction between electronics and décor –VAUX complements its environment, visually and functionally.

VAUX is an easy and affordable way to make the Amazon Dot even more powerful and ubiquitous in the home. With its fast to set up and ease of use, the VAUX creates a sophisticated home -command center for less than $50. With an average of 6 hours of “cordless use,” VAUX creates the right environment for extended periods of productivity, relaxation, discovery and entertainment.

“Amazon’s Echo Dot is a phenomenal device. By improving its audio quality and facilitating mobility, VAUX elevates the Dot from gadget to indispensable home companion and allows for a different look than what is currently available in the Amazon family,” said Kevin Brennan, CEO at Ninety7. “VAUX improves communication with Alexa and, with enhanced portability, puts her within speaking distance, anywhere in the home. VAUX unleashes the potential of the Dot.”

About Ninety7

Ninety7 is a lifestyle company creating technology products that enhance the user’s everyday life through unsurpassed design, function and quality. We believe in setting a new bar and redefining what technology accessories can be. We make accessories that make products better. 1+1=3. More information about Ninety7 is available at