Note from Editor: Hi-Tech Chic Awards Program

nina editorOver the past 11 months Hi-Tech Chic has grown leaps and bounds. Since this site is mine I work everyday to make the site better, work to get unique technology and newest fashions to review.

Last week Hi-Tech Chic, with much excitement, launched its Awards program with 8 different logos for each category (see below). This is our first new page and program since Hi-Tech Chic Launched. As we continue to expand we will keep on adding new categories and pages.

For more information and how to qualify your products click here. If you would like to contact us in regards to the awards program please emails or DM meet  on twitter @nrpena or fill out the form on the very bottom on this page.

Thanks to all the fans, colleagues, family members and friends that have supported this new journey. It’s only just begun…