Mu One International Adapter and Charger: The Ideal International Travel Gadget

Mu One International adapter and charger has an ultra slim design with cutting edge power technology that includes PD Technology for a fast adaptive charge and breakthrough GaN technology that creates over 90% power efficiency. The Mu One adapter uses a GaNFast chip instead of silicon which charges up to three times faster and are half the weight and size of their silicon counterparts. With a GaNFast charger you can get a 50% charge on a smartphone that has a dead battery in just 15 minutes.

We received a Mu One to do a product review and we did a quick unboxing to show you all what to expect when you get one. First thing to notice is how incredibly light it is. When traveling internationally the LAST thing you need is a bulky charger. I also loved the sleek design right out of the box, something I could put in my tote without being embarrassed of how it looks!

Box Includes: 

  • 45W Type-C power block – with GaN & PD technology
  • UK Folding plug head – utilizing patented PVT technology
  • US Folding plug head – with retractable pins
  • EU Folding plug head – for bi-directional use

With a maximum output of 45W, the Mu One international is ideal for:

  • Type-C charged Notebooks & the latest Macbooks
  • All tablets
  • All smartphones
  • Smaller USB-charged devices

For high-quality performance, the Mu One power block has an embedded auto-detect chip enabling the Mu to identify the device being connected and, in turn, deliver the device-optimum charge. Please note Mu international plug heads are only compatible with Mu power blocks. Mu international plug heads NOT sold separately and available in international bundles only.

It retails roughly for $78.00 and can be purchased here:

I will also do a product review in the future when I go to Mexico in the summer to have the full international plug/charger experience so stay tuned.

For more information about Mu One please visit: