MIGHTY MUG with Smartgrip Technology Review

MIGHTY MUG is the world’s only mug that grips to your desk when knocked into, but lifts naturally due to their patented Smartgrip Technology.

What is SmartGrip Technology?

SmartGrip Technology is what allows MIGHTY MUG to withstand accidental bumps by gripping down to any smooth, flat surface when knocked into. This technology is genius for all of us who sit at a desk and work all day while enjoying a cold or hot beverage. The combination of any liquid spilling on any electronic device is always bad news, most of us have learned that the hard way. Hopefully you did not power on the device after spillage or you are just doomed!

MIGHTY MUG is powered their Smartgrip Technology help you avoid this problem. Simply place MIGHTY MUG down on your desk and it creates a powerful airlock which allows MIGHTY MUG to resist accidental knocks to help avoid spills. When you lift MIGHTY MUG the pressure is instantly normalized allowing the airlock to release and MIGHTY MUG to lift naturally.

I received 2 different MIGHTY MUGS, the MIGHTY MUG GO in red and the MIGHTY MUG MINI in black, to test out. Both mugs are BPA Free, Car Cup Friendly, and DishWasher Safe. They both also come with a lid vent to let steam out of your MIGHTY MUG.

After I unboxed each I tested the MIGHTY MUG to see what all the hype was about. My first test was with both mugs empty with their lids attached while sitting on granite top surface.

Notice it took a lot of force to take both MIGHTY MUGS down. Considering they were both empty they were lighter and therefore easier to tip over however it still took a lot of force.

Next I tested both MIGHTY MUG filled each with half ice and half water to see the difference in how much force it would take to spill them.

Oddly it was much harder to spill them with content inside them. All and all the MIGHTY MUG did stand up to me forcefully pushing in several directions before ultimately falling. It didn’t happen every time, in fact few and far between. I believe most of the time it was because I was using allot of force to test out how much they could withstand.

MIGHTY MUG GO Travel mug is 16oz and prices at $19.99 while the MIGHTY MUG MINI solo travel mug is 12oz and prices at $16.99. They also bundles with a great barware collection of different MIGHTY MUG like the Pilsners or the Pints that come with 4 MIGHTY MUGS tumblers.

MIGHTY MUG all come with a 100% “Happiness Guarantee” so if your MIGHTY MUG doesn’t work they will replace it for free. For more information on their product line or to purchase a MIGHTY MUG click here.