LOVE BRAND & Co. Teams Up with Elephant Family USA as ‘The Great Elephant Migration’ Official Retail Partner

The global fundraising adventure “The Great Elephant Migration” was formed to amplify indigenous knowledge and inspire humanity to share space. In honor of these efforts, luxury men’s swim and resort wear label, LOVE BRAND & Co., is announced as the Official Retail Partner for ‘The Great Elephant Migration’ 2024 in the USA. Collaborating with Elephant Family USA strengthens LOVE BRAND & Co.’s commitment to wildlife conservation, aligning with their sustainable fashion ethos and purpose-driven design.

‘The Great Elephant Migration’ is a joint effort collaboration between indigenous artisans, contemporary artists and cultural institutions.  It will raise millions of dollars to power human-wildlife coexistence projects and protect migratory animals making spectacular journeys across land, rivers, skies and oceans.

Set to travel from Newport, RI, to key cities and sites across the USA on July 4, 2024, the 3,500-mile migration features 100 hand-crafted, life-size Indian elephant sculptures. Each stop will showcase the artistry and message behind the project, aiming to engage millions in conservation efforts.

With Artisan Craftsmanship, each sculpture is created by the Coexistence Collective, a group of 200 indigenous artisans from India’s Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Sculptures made from Lantana camara, an invasive plant, symbolize the blend of art and environmental responsibility plus sustainability. For this effort, funds raised support conservation NGOs in the USA and beyond, fostering human-wildlife coexistence.

As the Official Retail Partner, LOVE BRAND & Co. is joining the USA exhibition to extend its long-standing support to Elephant Family USA. During ‘The Great Elephant Migration’ exhibit, LOVE BRAND & Co. will be present at each location, enhancing visitor experience with unique, eco-conscious fashion that aligns with the conservation message.

As part of this collaboration, visitors to ‘The Great Elephant Migration’ can explore an exclusive capsule collection from LOVE BRAND & Co., including:

  • New Linen Prints: ‘Coexist,’ ‘Elephant Palace Blue,’ and ‘Elephants of India’
  • Exclusive Accessories: Embroidered caps, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and collectable animal enamel pins
  • Special Edition Homewares: Crafted from Belgian linen, reflecting the wildlife and habitats the project supports
  • 50% of sales from this exclusive LOVE BRAND & Co. collection will be donated directly to Elephant Family USA to aid their conservation initiatives.

LOVE BRAND & Co.’s exclusive merchandise will be available at the Newport exhibition and online starting July 4, 2024 here:

For more details about ‘The Great Elephant Migration’ and LOVE BRAND & Co.’s involvement, please visit The Great Elephant Migration.

About LOVE BRAND & Co.:

LOVE BRAND & Co. is the authority in laid-back luxury beachwear for the discerning traveller. The British marque is the go-to for globetrotting families seeking eco-conscious and effortlessly chic island style. Produced with sustainable and superior fabrics and craftsmanship with a mission to give back to endangered wildlife.

About Elephant Family:

Elephant Family is dedicated to creating landscapes that support human-wildlife coexistence. They work globally to secure wildlife corridors and mitigate human-wildlife conflict, aiming to promote peaceful coexistence between expanding human populations and wildlife.

About The Coexistence Collective:

The Coexistence Collective is a community of 200 indigenous artisans from India’s Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. They specialize in crafting life-size sculptures from Lantana camara, an invasive weed, reflecting their deep connection to nature and their innovative approach to conservation.


Source: LOVE BRAND & Co., Elephant Family, The Coexistence Collective

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