KRK Launches New GoAux Portable Monitor System for Artists, Producers, and Engineers

KRK, the music technology company and studio space for beginner producers, artists, and creators, has introduced the GoAux Portable Monitor System, their latest studio monitor system. Featuring Bluetooth technology, the three-inch GoAux 3 and four-inch GoAux 4 are professional-quality monitors with a portable design. As a complete nearfield reference monitor solution, the GoAux delivers the same natural and balanced frequency response in a new mobile-friendly size for engineers, producers, DJs, artists, and mixers of all genres.

As a unique and complete portable monitor solution for traveling audio professionals on a budget, the launch of GoAux marks an industry first. Both the KRK GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 are all-in-one monitors that can’t be found anywhere else. The KRK GoAux monitors feature Bluetooth capability, allowing users to connect wirelessly to their smartphone, computer, or other Bluetooth-capable audio devices, in addition to standard 1/8-inch Aux and RCA stereo inputs.

Watch as DJ White Shadow, aka Paul Blair takes the GoAux on his global tour.

With KRK GoAux speakers, glass aramid woofers work alongside a one-inch soft textile dome tweeter in a bi-amplified two-way design, while durable rear-ported ABS cabinets supply an impressive bass extension. Users can also adjust their monitors’ response to the room and personal preference thanks to built-in LF and HF EQ. The added option of connecting headphones to the front panel 1/8-inch stereo output automatically mutes the GoAux speakers for a silent monitoring option.

Additional features for the GoAux 4 are a measurement microphone and built-in Auto ARC (automatic room correction). This allows for automatic optimization of the speakers’ response to the acoustic environment. The GoAux 4 also exclusively offers additional USB and 1/4-inch TRS balanced stereo inputs.

The GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 each come as a set of monitors, along with power and speaker cables, adjustable isolating stands, and a carrying bag. The GoAux is now available globally for purchase, the GoAux 3 starts at $349 MAP, and the GoAux 4 starts at $419 MAP.

The KRK GoAux is available worldwide now at authorized KRK dealers and on

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