Join Women in Media Today

Women in Media connects above & below the line women and the men who love making movies with them. Did you know that there is minimum of 50% women crew currently? Women are 52% of the population and graduate film school at the same rates as men do yet we still don’t make as much money as men.

It’s time to get to work and get those percentages up ladies! Join the Women in Media Crew Sheet today! If you want to participate, please email and Women in Media will invite you. In order to participate you must fill out the Google doc for women film crew and people who want to hire them.  There are tabs for each department – 20 in all, and international film makers are encouraged. You must populate the information yourself. 

Once you’re on you can invite other women to join Women in Media. They must accept and populate the google doc themselves. Women in Media wants to be sure the information is 1) accurate 2) included with their full consent/participation so double check to make sure it’s accurate.

Men who believe in fairness in the crew and want to hire more women are also encouraged to participate. They may be invited to view, (not edit) and Women in Media will thank them for helping to spread the word as well as checking out their resumes and websites.

I am definitely joining this and I encourage women and men as well to join. Remember to get started you must send an email to first.

For more information about Women in Media click  here.


Source: Women in Media