Jillian Mercado: Making Positive Changes in the Modeling Industry

Jillian MercadoWhen I was a child and throughout my teens I tried my hand at modeling but the brutality of image (and my personal image) made me quit. Back then it was the 90’s and the modeling industry was still pretty strict on the “type” of model they wanted on the runway. When I say type I mean in no particular order: weight, height, race and any other perceived flaw. I honestly felt you had to be perfect to walk the run way. Since then the modeling industry has come a very long way.

Today I found a beautiful article on style.com about Jillian Mercado a blogger turned model who was diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy as a child. Jillian is making changes in the fashion world that will give girls who have the same struggles a new role model to look up to. Earlier this month she was signed to IMG which will be introducing her to an all new audience. Signing with IMG Jillian says “Working with IMG, my goal is to make it so that I am not the model in the wheelchair and I’m just the model.”

I personally think this will pave the way for a positive change in the modeling industry and admire Jillian’s tenacity. In the article she states “If I can do big shows like Alexander Wang or Chanel and not be seen as the token girl, that goes a long way toward challenging perceptions. There is still so much change that needs to happen, but I want to make way for whoever has that mind-set that I had when I was younger. I want the people who were hesitant in pursuing fashion because of the way that people might perceive them to know there is a place for them.”

I’m excited to follow Jillian on her modeling career and how it will change the way models are perceived to give everyone a chance who loves fashion or wants to become a model.

To read the full article on style.comJillian Mercado Wants to Change the Fashion Industry—Here’s How She’s Going to Do It” click here. If you want to follow her blog Manufactured1987 click here and follow her personal blog click here.

*Quotes and information from Style.com

**Photo from Pinterest


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