Invoxia Presents The Smart Dog Collar at IFA 2022

At IFA 2022, the global trade show for consumer and home electronics, Invoxia, a leader in connected objects with embedded AI, presented the first all-in-one, non-invasive biometric health and activity collar for dogs. The Smart Dog Collar gives pet owners the opportunity to become active in monitoring and protecting their dog, at home and on a daily basis before invasive and burdensome clinical tests are required. Invoxia is positioned as the cornerstone of connected pet health and building the largest biometric and activity database ever assembled to discover new biomarkers.

When the connected device, boosted by deep learning, is worn by the dog, it’s able to collect valuable information and help pet owners to take care of their canines in a personalized way. This new step marks a turning point in canine e-health and legitimises Invoxia’s expertise in the field. Thanks to Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar, it’s at last possible to track their heart and respiratory rate in a simple, non-invasive way. Invoxia has already tested the first Smart Dog Collars on a data set representative of all dog breeds.

The Smart Dog Collar’s first results are as follows:

 ●        99% average accuracy for heart rate detection (less than 1% error rate) 

●        97% average accuracy for respiration rate detection (less than 3% error rate)

 These results were obtained across a diverse range of dog breeds including Labradors, Dalmatians, Beagles, and Fox Terriers. Moreover, Smart Dog Collar was proven to be just as accurate for cross breeds, having been tested on Leonberger crosses, Fawn Brittany Bassets, and English Setter crosses, among others. In light of these promising results, Smart Dog Collar is positioned as the indispensable companion for the health of our canine friends, and a true revolution for the daily routine of their owners. Such a continuously accurate wearable device also opens up remarkable opportunities for the world of canine e-health research.

The Collar features unique ‘sensor fusion’ technology, a combination of highly innovative sensors including a miniature radar boosted by cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms. The radar sensor enables the measurement of microscopic movements of the skin no matter the dog’s fur and, thanks to AI, the device will then discard ‘parasitic’ vibrations in order to provide information that is directly intelligible like the dog’s normal state and their respiratory and heart rate continuously. Thanks to Smart Dog Collar, the dog’s owner can consult the pertinent data directly from their smartphone in real time, without any need for action on their part or additional measurement with complicated or unsuitable tools.

Thanks to advanced deep learning algorithms, Smart Dog Collar accurately monitors a dog’s daily activities. Their time spent running and walking, a sleep score, the number of meals they eat, scratching sessions, barking… Pet parents receive these metrics twice per day via activity reports. This continuity over time is essential for 360° health monitoring, in order to detect a drop in activity levels or appetite which can be linked to cardiac conditions, digestive issues, skin conditions or arthritis.

By combining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE-M for connectivity, and offering unparalleled battery life of several weeks, Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar also enables pet owners to locate their precious pup in real-time, should they run away, get lost, or are stolen.

Sleek and elegant, Smart Dog Collar will be available in a range of colors. Waterproof and dust resistant, it can be washed if necessary. Smart Dog Collar will be available this winter for an estimated price of 99 Euros/Dollars including tax, with a monthly subscription cost of 12.99 Dollars/Euros.

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About Invoxia

Invoxia is a leader in connected objects with embedded AI. The company develops and commercializes a range of consumer and professional trackers, in particular for pets. Discreet, lightweight and packed with patented technology, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is the first intelligent biometric collar capable of monitoring a dog’s respiratory and heart health and tracking their movements in real-time, for several weeks at a time. Sleek and comfortable, this preventative health tool enables early detection of diseases even before the first symptoms appear. Invoxia also offers B2B services and has an Innovation Lab that supports major companies in the development of innovative connected hardware. Founded in 2010, Invoxia is a French company with offices in France, the United States and China.


Source: Invoxia, IFA