Introducing the Lobe Love Statement Earring Membership Service

Founded by professional stylist, Jenn Loyd, Lobe Love is a statement earring membership service where members get a set of 4 new earrings each season. Loyd handpicks earrings that are both fashionable and wearable for that particular season.

“In creating Lobe Love, I’ve tapped into a wellspring of inspiration simply by observing my daughters’  brilliant hearts and creative minds,” says Loyd. “Each pair of statement earrings represents the messages I share with them: live fearlessly, love yourself unconditionally, and dare to leave your mark on the world.”

Loyd’s background as a professional stylist is reflected in each easy-to-wear set of earrings. You will get new earrings to update your wardrobe each season, save money on accessories, and never have to shop for earrings again. Subscription plans are flexible with yearly or quarterly options and can be canceled at any time.

How it works:

  1. Join Lobe Love: Become a member and for just $49.99 each season, you’ll get 4 on- trend statement earrings, valued at $100.
  2. Make a Statement: Each season you get to choose your earrings or we will surprise you. You’ll love all the jewelry either way!
  3. Step out in Style: Indulge in a community of women who push through their fears, believe we can achieve our dreams & who rise together!  Don’t forget to #lobelovestyle when you share!

To Join Lobe Love, First Choose a Plan: 

The Inspired

  • $49 billed quarterly
  • 4 pairs of Seasonal Statements 
  • Cancel Anytime

 The Trendsetter: 

  • $149 Billed Yearly ($20 savings) 
  • 4 pairs of Seasonal Statements with early access to customize 
  • You get: earlier shipping
  • Cancel anytime

 Give the Gift of Lobe Love:

  • 4 pairs of statement earrings each quarter 
  • She gets a code to set up a subscription and customize her perfect collection
  • Exclusive discounts for members

Additionally, a portion of every sale of Lobe Love earrings goes to Love Society, an Arizona non-profit that donates love bags to families and children ranging from cancer, homeless, foster and human trafficking.

Both Lobe Love and Love Society are inspired by the desire to help others see the best in themselves. 

I recently received Lobe Love’s September drop to try out and I have to say they look pretty cute on! The set of 4 was all different in designs, varied vibrant colors and textures.

To get started with Lobe Love please visit:


Source: Lobe Love