Introducing Nehera Resort 2022 “The Closet” Collection

The Nehera Resort 2022 “The Closet“ collection is inspired by the beauty and meaning behind immigrant, Sara Berman’s Closet, a 2017 exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. Known for her impeccably simple closet, Sara’s clothing was of various tints including cream, ivory, and ecru that gave the impression of being all white.

Without losing the meaning of white and off-white, it was a great challenge for the whole design team to translate shades of white into shades of colors. Nehera’s collection is a scene of contemplation and change, of discarding rather than accumulating, of essence over excess, of functionality over superfluous. Equally, as in Sara’s wardrobe you can mix and match everything with everything because colors lost their primary meaning, they become more subtle, more color-less, behaving as exquisite shades of white.

A large share of the collection is built on washed poplins and classic linen. Airy summer virgin wool and washable cotton suiting are flagships in tailoring, together with modern linen twill. These fundaments are refreshed and emphasized by sustainable novelties based on paper and plant: Tyvek and vegetable leather.

The lead character is the cactus leather used in black. Only the mature leaves are cut out of the plant without damaging the plant itself, enabling repeat harvest every 6-8 months from the same plants. The leaves are dried under the sun with no additional energy or waste. The prints are inspired by the rays of light vertically passing through fused sheet glass. Rays of sun, both imprisoned and set free, in and out of the glass as the leitmotif of the whole SS22 season print.

Another call was to interpret employing clothes, not words, the importance of proper detailed care of the wardrobe turning the simple folding of shirt/dress into a kind of meditation. NEHERA Resort22 is a story of liberation, order, and beauty.

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Source: Nehera