IFA Introduces New Logo & Branding  ‘Innovation For All’ for the 100th Anniversary of Berlin Technology Trade Show

This week, the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances gears, IFA, has launched a new logo and brand for the show taking place September 6- 10, 2024 in Berlin, Germany.  The change is in celebration of its 100th anniversary and IFA expects the new branding to make advances in technology for life, work and play.

The rebranding pays tribute to the origins of IFA while instilling future relevance using the 100th anniversary as a pivotal moment and more than just a visual makeover. In 1924, IFA began as the ‘Internationale Funkausstellung,’ from which the three letters IFA are derived. Moving forward, the three letters will now stand for ‘Innovation für Alle,’ which translates directly into English as ‘Innovation For All.’

IFA’s previous logo enjoyed longevity and had its last refresh in the early 2000s. It featured the event dates and the image of ‘Funk-Otto,’ the iconic head that celebrates its 70th birthday this year. Created by German graphic designer Professor Helmut Lortz, ‘Funk Otto’ was displayed against a striking, stylized red background and IFA trademark.

IFA fans will be happy to know ‘Funk-Otto’ remains an integral part of the new design, but will no longer feature in the main logo. Instead, history inspires the new design, especially at the web site, by turning to the launch of color television in West Germany; then Vice-Chancellor Willy Brandt pressed the symbolic red button at IFA in 1967, marking the start of a new era in the TV business. I

FA’s new website pays homage to this history of consumer electronics and home appliances with a color scheme similar to the TV test pattern that was broadcast well into the mid-1990s after a program day ended.

The new graphic design and motto signal both accessibility and transparency. IFA seeks to appeal globally to an audience that is as diverse as the city of Berlin, where it is based. This also applies to the values that IFA and its organizer represent: IFA should be a place where everyone can discover and experience innovation.

For more information about IFA or to attend please visit: https://www.ifa-berlin.com/.


Source: IFA