Hispanic Owned Beauty & Fashion Companies to Check Out

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th through October 15th annually since 1968. As a Hispanic-owned site ourselves, we wanted to admire Latinx founders behind fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands including Daniela Uribe, House of IntuitionETICA Denim and more. Even though Hispanic Heritage Month is halfway over, we encourage you all to shop at these brands throughout the year!

NTRL by Sabs

NTRL by Sabs is a female-founded, Afro-Latina-owned brand on a mission to offer sustainable, clean beauty options. The brand was founded by celebrity hairstylist and MUA, Sabrina Rowe Holdsworth during the pandemic of 2020. The collection provides all-natural sustainable and zero-waste shampoos and conditioners, bars, oils and more that are rich in botanical ingredients like matricaria, coconut and avocado oil.

GYV Mesoamerican Beauty

This must-have collection of self-care items is here to make you feel good all over – with the added luxury of enjoying Mesoamerican culture. GYV Mesoamerican Beauty brings the heritage of its people to your home with a collection of candles and lotions that immerse you in beauty and refresh your environment. Founded by a husband-and-wife team that originated from Mexico and El Salvador, the brand now launches a new collection, partnering with five Latin graphic designers worldwide to create a product line benefiting a non-profit of their choosing.

House of Intuition

In 2010, Latinx LGBTQ+ couple Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas opened their first store after experiencing a great deal of loss and using spirituality to guide them through the recovery process. From a small shop offering crystals, tarot, and intuitive services, House of Intuition has grown into one of the largest, well-known metaphysical brands in the U.S. with stores in California and Florida. To this day, Alex & Marlene hope to change lives and offer a safe space for all types of people to call their spiritual home across the U.S.

Pantuss LLC – Warming Aromatherapy Slippers

Pantuss was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a cold winter back in 2012. Pantuss’s owners, two sisters, designed their products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. One of the main reasons why Pantuss slippers became an instant success nationwide, was because of their naturally scented, warmed, comfortable insoles. The aromatherapy slippers allow customers to relax at home in style and comfort. They are also handmade from eco-friendly, sustainable materials!

French Lime

Denise Saad is founder and creator of French Lime, a sustainable luxury fashion athleisure brand. Originally from Mexico, she now lives in Vancouver, Canada and creates avant-garde apparel to empower other women. Trained in digital art and inspired by her travels around the world, she uses her own digital creations as the essence of the prints featured on French Lime’s unique tops and leggings.


The brand was founded by Agustin Ramirez in 2018, one of the largest premium denim manufacturers in Mexico. A Puebla native, Agustin was running his own factory and denim laundry by the age of 24. Designed in Los Angeles, produced in Mexico, ETICA is a sustainable lifestyle brand focused on premium denim and knits. ETICA is rooted in the ideals of fair labor, environmentally conscious manufacturing and social responsibility. 

Daniela Uribe

Daniela Uribe is a Latin-owned and Italian-made luxury footwear brand deeply rooted in inclusivity and designed to re-establish the paradigms of absolute beauty and comfort. Believing that beauty comes in all shapes and of course, sizes, the brand offers extended sizing up to size 45! They set out to create styles that are designed and measured specifically to accommodate the women’s and male’s feet believing shoes and luxury is for EVERYONE. 

Flor De Liz

Co-founder and CEO, Flor de Liz Guior, desire to marry passion with purpose ultimately led her to create innovative designs that are twists on classic silhouettes. The artful, timeless pieces are created to reflect the perfect balance of elegance and seduction. Jack-Peter, an award-winning fashion and leather designer joined forces with his partner and together rebranded Flor de Liz. The new branding felt keener on who Flor de Liz and Jack-Peter are, having fun and turning heads with the bold, unique style. With a modern aesthetic and a hint of Latin undertones, FDL now stands to express emotions of passion, sensuality, and power.

LOVE Binetti 

LOVE Binetti was founded by Argentina-born designer, Diego Binetti. The recently established LOVE Binetti line caters to the traveler and nomad by heart; the modern girl with that city-slicker edge. LOVE Women are free spirited citizens of the universe that constantly strive to redefine the rules through self-expression and creativity. It is with this confidence that LOVE Binetti presents each collection to these empowered women through beautifully designed, luxurious pieces.

Carla Busso handbags

Carla Busso is an Argentinian who spent 20 years in the corporate world when she finally decided to pursue her passion in handbags. After an extensive amount of traveling and the development of a deep attention to detail Carla used the inspirations around her to pursue her dreams, and created  Carla Busso handbags.


Rebdolls Latinx Brand, Female Owned by Grisel Paula , Size-Inclusive, Based in New Jersey. Launched in 2014, this Size-inclusive Latinx brand is Publicly Traded company under the A.K.A brands umbrella puts sizing inclusivity at the forefront. The brand focuses on innovative designs that every woman, every size can feel gorgeous in. Rebdolls is minority led and 100% female and aims to provide one large platform where women can identify themselves, and most importantly find fashion they absolutely love.

Nua Swim

Nua Swim is created to captivate the sensuality and beachside glamour of Brazil. Founded by Influencer Ananda Saba who grew up in Brazil and now resides in Miami. Nua, meaning ‘naked’ in Portuguese, produces swimwear that stands out from the crowd. All pieces are made in the USA with eco-friendly and recycled fabrics along with only ethical factories and manufacturing sites.


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