Guitarists Lydia Smith, Francesca Simone, Gothic Tropic, Yuna And Yvette Young Group Discussion at Guitar Center Hollywood

On Thursday, Guitar Center, the leading retailer of musical instruments, and She Shreds Magazine, the only print publication dedicated to women guitarists and bassists, hosted a LIVELY talk in its guitar-filled “Vintage Room” with five female guitarists, including Lydia Smith, Francesca Simone, Gothic Tropic, Yuna and Yvette Young.

Did you know only 10% of Grammy nominees from 2013–2019 were female? An interesting fact from a Fender Study that “50 percent of new guitar buyers in the U.K. were women was a surprise to the U.K. team, but it’s identical to what’s happening in the U.S.,” Fender CEO Andy Mooney tells Rolling Stone.

The five female music makers had a candid conversation about the industry with moderator Fabi Reyna, founder and editor-in-chief of She Shreds magazine. Their discussions leaned into topics such as guitar techniques, as well as gender inclusion, ethnic representation and positive change for musicians. This is just one of many future events that Guitar center will host throughout the year.


Lydia Smith: Lydia Smith is an American musician primarily known for her work as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of California punk rock band The Regrettes. She was also the lead vocalist and guitarist of pop rock bands Pretty Little Demons and LILA, as well as a frequent collaborator with rock duo Dead Man’s Bones.

Francesca Simone: Francesca Simone is a 22-year old guitarist and singer-songwriter who is bringing passionate, solo-style electric guitar to the forefront of popular music. Best known as Beyoncé’s and Kehlani’s lead guitarist, Simone blends her sweet, bubbly personality, rock star shredding ability, and vibrant street style to yield an iconic presence.

Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic: Cecilia Della Peruti, better known by her stage name Gothic Tropic, is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Plainfield, New Jersey. Gothic Tropic released their first EP, Awesome Problems, in 2011 and released their debut studio album,  Fast or Feast, on May 19, 2017. They are most known for their single “Stronger” that was added to JJJ Radio in Australia and charted at over 60 stations across the United States.

Yuna: Yuna’s initial exposure came through the viral success of her music uploaded to Myspace, which received over one million plays. This online success alerted the Indie-Pop label/management company to her music, and in early 2011 she signed with the Fader Label. She is best known for the collaboration with Usher on her breakout single, “Crush”, which peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Adult R&B chart.

Yvette Young: Yvette is an American musician from San Jose, California. She is currently the frontwoman for the math rock band Cove. Young graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and began her career by posting videos of herself playing music in 2009. In 2014, Young released an EP titled Acoustics EP and further expanded the discography with the release of a split EP with Natalie Evans in 2015.

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