Father’s Day 2022 Annual Gift Guide

Father’s Day this year lands on June 19th which is just over a week away. Similar to years before, we have compiled a Father’s Day gift guide at different price ranges in various gift categories.

Wild Willies Premium Beard Products and Arsenal Mens Grooming Kit

Wild Willies is authentically a manly brand passionate about providing products that promote stronger, healthier, and better-looking hair and skin. The grooming kit is your one stop shop for all your men’s grooming needs that don’t involve your beard. It’s sleek design fit perfectly in any sized toiletry bag, the perfect gift for dad’s who love to travel. Arsenal Ultimate Grooming Set Includes: Straight Edge Nail Clippers, Multi-Purpose Scissor, Slanted Edge Clippers, Tweezers, and Nail File. Price: $14.95+ and available on Amazon.

Proud Grill – Q- Swiper Steam Clean 

For Fathers who like to grill, Proud Grill’s newest addition to their Q- Swiper collection is an effective steam clean grill cleaner that has a built-in scraper and reusable grill cleaning cloths ( 2 included). Just dip in water and swipe away. The reusable Grill Cleaning Cloths are dishwasher safe and reusable over 15 times. Built with 100% Kevlar for maximum durability. Trust Kevlar for a high quality, tough reusable grill cloth that works. Price: $20.00 and avail at Amazon.

ATRAC USA Magnetic Strap + Slim Wallet

ATRAC USA soft vegan leather 3-pocket slim wallet. Perfect for sliding in your credit cards, cash or ID.  Fastens perfectly to the Mag Strap Mini, bracelet keychain or Mag Strap Wristlet | long strap. Can hold 1-6 cards. Attach a magnetic ATRAC strap, a snap bracelet but with magnets that you can “slap” or “wrap” around the slim wallet without losing it. Price: $30-84

Pantuss LLC Warming Aromatherapy Slippers

Stay comfy at home with Pantuss LLC Warming Aromatherapy Slippers! To reach ultimate desired comfort, you take out the insoles and heat them in the microwave. The dried lavender flowers and flax seeds create a calming, relaxing aroma and when you insert them back into your Pantuss slippers and slide your feet in, that is when you reach the pinnacle of relaxation. Pantuss’s owners, two sisters, designed their products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. Their aromatherapy slippers allow customers to relax at home in style and comfort. Price: ($25-$61) and available on Amazon.

TheraICE RX Headache Relief Cap

TheralCE RX, the maker of Hot & Cold compression relief products and the best-selling Headache Relief Cap is a game-changer. Migraines are the third most prevalent illness globally, with nearly one in four U.S. households including someone with headache or migraine.Compression and cold therapies constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute pain signals. It works on all types of headaches (common tension, sinus, cluster, and migraine). Heat therapy relaxes muscles, melting tension into pain-free relaxation and the pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently cushions pressure points. Price: $32.95 and avail here


SEAAV designs ethical and eco-friendly athleticwear. The brand proudly removes one pound of plastic from the ocean with each purchase! SEAAV was created by 23-year-old entrepreneur Mckenna Haz to provide function, sustainability, and fashion that can be worn all day long, from morning spin to afternoon drinks. SEAAV is made from recycled plastics, making this activewear stylish and sustainable. Price: $35.00+ here.

Nooie Products- Spend $49 & get 4 pack Smart Plug at $9.99

Give the gift of love to show appreciation to your father this Father’s Day with Nooie! Purchase any Nooie product ($49 and above) and get the 4 pack Nooie Smart Plug at $9.99 for you and your dad. Make life easier and safer for him and your family with Nooie. Check out the Father’s Day Nooie deal here. Promotion ends 6/30.

YBell Fitness

Is your dad looking for ways to save time and space in his home gym? Meet the YBell, the 4-in-1 fitness solution that combines a kettlebell, dumbbell, dual grip medicine ball, and push-up stand in just one piece of equipment. YBells are great for one-on-one training and group exercise, coated in non-slip, non-rust neoprene, and are ideal for training both indoors and out. Each YBell comes with free workout videos too. The YBells range from 2 – 44 lbs. Your dad will love saving time, money and space with one piece of equipment that does everything four pieces can. Prices: $59.99+

Truboy BBQ

Truboy BBQ brings an authentic Texas BBQ experience to Dad by delivering fully smoked and ready-to-heat Texas BBQ straight to your doorstep nationwide. Select from the finest cuts of USDA Prime grass-fed all-natural meats ethically sourced from local Texas farms. Available in both Original and Halal options, Truboy BBQ selections include brisket, beef and pork ribs, pulled pork, lamb shoulder, sausages, turkey, and more. There’s a sampler pack if you want to try a little bit of everything! Truboy BBQ is chilled, vacuum sealed, and delivered to you. Or freeze up to 6 months. Keto-friendly. Ships everywhere in the US and Canada( Free nationwide US shipping for orders $over 200.). Price: $59+ here: www.truboybbq.com.

Whirly Board

Whirly Board combines a spinning balance board with today’s lifestyles. Use it at home or while working (perfect with standing desks) and keep moving for better overall health. With 500+ positive reviews on Amazon, join the movement to put the fun back into exercise! Add a little fitness, agility, and fun with Whirly Board. It allows you to spin 360˚ and engage all your body’s core muscles. Price: Starting at $129.95 on Amazon.

Men’s High Water Shirt

Men’s High Water Shirt beverage pocket holds your beer, slimmer seltzer cans, or that fresh catch in a pinch. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton-modal terry cloth lining that is more absorbent than standard cotton alone. With the Zippered Dry Tech Pocket, your phone is securely stashed, you can stop surfing the web and start surfing IRL. Price at $145 here.

1MORE Audio

1MORE is offering plenty of ways for dads and grads to save big this year! With their newly released EVO earbuds, ComfoBuds Mini RED, and PistonBuds Pro, there is something for every listener to enjoy on any budget! Use code: SUPERDAD10 to save an additional 10% on all headphones! Price Varies on their landing page here.

SideTrak Solo Touch Pro HD 15.8”

Working out of your home or another remote location has become more efficient thanks to SideTrak. It’s a portable laptop monitor every workaholic or person on-the-go needs, perfect for improving productivity wherever you do your best work. The Solo Touch is a freestanding portable monitor with a cover that has a sleek design and detailed HD picture. Adding a second screen increases productivity by 20 to 30 percent, saving you more than eight hours each week. Price: $399.99 and can be purchased here.


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