E3 2016: The Quiet Before the Storm

E3 2016 1

Today I leave to LA for E3 for 2 full days of gaming and entertainment fun. I’m enjoying the quiet before the E3 storm but excited to check out all the new technology. During the show I will be tweeting on @nrpena, @cutegeek, and @hitechchic. I will also be (or hope to at least) loading videos to the cutegeek youtube channel and my youtube channel. Lastly I will post on my facebook page as well so all of you can hear about all the cool new games and technology at E3 on any of my social media platforms.

HTC MMy plan of attack is to spend half my time at the convention center and the other half  outside the convention center at events, press conferences and lounges. I’ll also be in and out of the media room so if you’re press and see me come by and chat. I love chatting with my peers because we all have a different point of view on events and new technology.

I will also be wearing a Where’s Waldo costume on the 14th so if you see me come say hi! Also while supplies last I will handing out HtC fake tattoos to support our first year at E3 since our September launch (Note: I only have 30 left).

Here is a before the show video of E3 2016 to get all you guys hyped up for tomorrow! Enjoy and see you gaming geeks in LA!