DreamGlass Air; The World’s First Portable AR Private Theater Launches Kickstarter Campaign

DreamGlass Air allows users to go into their own private digital world with an immersive augmented reality screen. The lightweight personal cinema plays on its 100” AR screen anything from your smartphone/tablet (Android, iOS), game consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), PC&Mac, and other electronic devices. DreamGlass Air has just been launched on Kickstarter and was funded in just 5 minutes with still 34 days left of their campaign.

One of the features of DreamGlass Air is it frees up your hands and shows everything in private, delivering the most comfortable viewing experience. With DreamGlass Air, the content you are viewing is totally private and cannot be seen by others from any angle. Combined with the hands-free feature, you can see and use your phone’s touchscreen to control, and have awareness of the surroundings.

DreamGlass Air lets you project anything from your phone into multiple 100’’ immersive screens wirelessly.  With 3 degrees of freedom head tracking, DreamGlass Air can display multiple 100” AR screens, providing hands-free visual aid for your daily life tasks.

It’s 90° FOV (Field of View) and stereo sound combined with it’s 2.5K resolution at 600 ppi (Pixel Per Inch), DreamGlass Air delivers a smooth, clear view even for the most sophisticated images.

DreamGlass Air is feather-light, weighing at only 5 oz. and has a foldable design that is the size of a pair of ski goggles. Despite the small size, DreamGlass Air has its own battery and can last for more than 5 hours.

Keeping users with glasses in mind, DreamGlass Air has enough eye relief for any correction glasses you may have. It uses advanced optical technology to project contents at meters away and employs over 10 layers of special optical coatings to reduces blue light and glare.

DreamGlass Air is compatible with any smartphone, games consoles, PC&Mac, as well as most other electronic devices. Old devices become new again when paired with the immersive world inside DreamGlass Air! Since DreamGlass Air is an augmented reality experience, it can deliver high bandwidth and low latency contents through the 5G network.

The Kickstarter Early Bird VIP Special including a pair of DreamGlass Air starts at a pledge $269 which is a 45% off discount of their retail value.

To back their Kickstarter campaign please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamglassair/dreamglass-air-the-worlds-first-portable-ar-private-theater.

To learn more about DreamGlass Air and their creator DreamWorld please visit: https://www.dreamworldvision.com/.


Source: DreamWorld, Kickstarter