Donate Lipstick with Find Your Fabulosity on National Lipstick Day

In honor of National Lipstick Day one fabulous company comes to mind, Find Your Fabulosity. Founded by Domestic Abuse Survivor Advocate and Expert, Sheryl Kurland, Find Your Fabulosity (FYF) instills confidence and a sense of self back into women who have survived unthinkable domestic abuse.

Kurland’s 501c3 nonprofit organization donates new, packaged lipsticks to tens of thousands of domestic abuse survivors living in temporary housing and women’s shelters across all fifty states.

To date, Kurland has donated more than 80,000 lipsticks to women residing in 300 shelters across the U.S. Additionally, FYF ships Get Help Giftbags to women who are currently living in abusive situations and trying to gather the resources and strength to get out.

Sheryl Kurland is passionate about crossing the 100,000 lipstick donation threshold by the end of 2022 through ongoing corporate and individual monetary and brand new, packaged lipstick donations.

Kurland and her team of volunteers work tirelessly, shipping out boxes of Find Your Fabulosity lipstick donations on a weekly basis and they are always in need of new donations to continue to uplift survivors and victims of domestic abuse.

How to Donate to Find You Fabulosity

Donate Lipstick

They welcome your donation of new/never-used lipsticks! Please carefully package your donation of new/never used lipsticks* in a padded envelope or box. Mail your package to:

Sheryl Kurland
Find Your Fabulosity
P.O. Box 915666
Longwood, FL 32791

If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please include a note requesting one along with your name and email address or mailing address. *Due to health regulations, they cannot accept lipsticks that are used. Even if you just touched a lipstick once to your lip, hand, arm, etc., the lipstick is not acceptable

Donate Money

Your financial donation will be used to purchase new lipsticks and ship them to women’s domestic violence shelters throughout the U.S. They are a 100% volunteer organization, which means your dollars go farther! You may also donate in honor and or in memory of someone. 

To donate to FYF please visit: If you would like to learn more about FYF please visit:


Source: Find Your Fabulosity