Cultural Observation Survey Reported by Budweiser Drinkers

budwiI found this survey very interesting; I’m a wino and it looks like I’m less approachable then beer drinkers. Don’t get it twisted. I do love beer and when I relocated to San Francisco I was a Bud Light beer drinker since Miller light was not circulated as much at stores.

bud-light-commercialI also find it hilarious when I have friends from other countries visit the US and want to have an “American” beer Budweiser. I would say about 75% asked for a Budweiser.

“Why do beer drinkers get chatted up more at bars?”

To put this anecdotal observation to the test, Budweiser launched the Budweiser ‘Beerpressions’ National Survey—a first-of-its-kind study about how beverage choices influence first impressions and perceptions of approachability.

So is your drink choice worth a thousand words?

Based on a representative survey of 2,000 Americans (ages 21+) conducted by Learndipity Data Insights, Budweiser asked respondents to match common bar drinks with the perceived personality traits of the people ordering them.  What does your chosen drink say about you?


  1. DRINK-SPECIFIC RESULTS:Drink Choice #1:  Domestic Beer (Budweiser);   Both women (70%) and men (59%) who drink domestic beer (such as Budweiser) are perceived as more approachable.
  2. Drink Choice #2:  Imported Beer
  3.  Imported beer also has a positive effect for both women (36%) and men (29%), but not nearly as strong as a domestic beer like Budweiser.
  4.  Drink Choice #3:  Wine For wine drinkers, women (23%) and men (18%) have lower overall approachability perception rates.
  5. Drink Choice #4:  Margarita*  A margarita is the highest-ranking cocktail for approachability (38% for women and 28% for men), but still ranks significantly lower than domestic beer.
  6. THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS BELIEVE THAT “YOU ARE WHAT YOU DRINK” 61% of Americans believe that “what a person drinks at a bar gives significant clues about their personality”—with 1 out of 3 often “making quick judgments” about strangers based on this information.
  8. While 20% of Americans will actively consider how their drink order will be perceived by others while out with friends, nearly twice as many think strategically about their drink choices at a work event (39%) or on a date (34%).


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