CITIZEN Debuts New Watch with the New IoT Platform RIIIVER

During SXSW 2019 Interactive CITIZEN exhibited their watch with “Riiiver,” a new IoT platform service. The new service is developed under the concept of evolving lifestyles with watch innovation. CITIZEN worked in collaboration with VELDT Inc. on developing this platform. Riiiver is an open IoT platform service to expand experiences with “time” and “lifestyle” by connecting people, things, and services based around watches.

To use Riiiver, first download the official app (scheduled release, autumn 2019) via smartphone. You will find a wide range of iiidea* in the Riiiver Store. Download the iiidea that fit with your interests and lifestyle. Pair them with a Riiiver-compatible device to get new, fun experiences from your hardware.

Three examples of how the new platform can interactively link the app to watches are:

  • Press the watch button to get the hands to point you in the direction of a nearby café.
  • Switch on the lights when you get home. The color will change depending on tomorrow’s weather forecast.
  • Go for a jog. Whenever you burn through 200kcal, playlist shuffle will kick in and switch your listening.

CITIZEN will soon launch Eco-Drive Riiiver (scheduled release, autumn 2019), a special Riiiver-compatible watch that goes well beyond traditional concepts of the watch. Eco-Drive Riiiver can be used in an infinite number of ways, all based around your creativity and your interests. Currently there are 4 models of the watch with a price point of $420.00.

Initially the Riiiver app will be available for download on smartphones in the fall of 2019. Availability on other devices and services will be added in the future, including personalized watches developed through Riiiver.

To learn more about CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive Riiiver or to sign up for alerts on when it’s ready to ship out please visit: To learn more about Riiiver please visit



* In Riiiver, functions that link to IoT devices and services are called “iiidea.” The three i’s in iiidea stand for

 “Imagine. Inspire. Innovate.” With iiidea, anybody can turn their ideas into reality.