Cartier Unites with The Lion’s Share Fund to Fight the Global Nature Crisis

Announced today, Cartier, one of the world’s leading luxury brands, has joined The Lion’s Share Fund, an initiative that unites brands, conservationists and consumers to tackle the crisis in nature, biodiversity and climate. The fund is led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a coalition of businesses and UN partners. It aims to raise over $100 million per year within the next five years to halt biodiversity loss and protect habitats by asking brands to contribute 0.5% of their media spend every time an animal is featured in their advertisements.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, The Lion’s Share recently announced new grants to support communities dependent on wildlife-based tourism – an industry that employs millions and is critical to wildlife conservation around the world, but one that has been devastated by the pandemic. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, wildlife tourism generated USD 343.6 billion and supported over 21.8 million jobs in 2018. 

Through wildlife tourism, communities directly benefit from wildlife, empowering them to develop enterprises and incentivizing biodiversity protection.  However, travel restrictions to slow the pandemic have depleted economic lifelines for hundreds of millions of people and conservation activities in those communities. The grants will fund local projects in nine countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America to build resilience in wildlife-rich areas and support protection of threatened wildlife in their last strongholds.

Animals appear in approximately 20 per cent of all advertisements in the world, yet despite this, animals do not always receive the support they deserve. The Lion’s Share gives brands the opportunity to take urgent and significant action and play their part in protecting our planet. 

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Source: Cartier, The Lions Share Fund