BloomNation: A Startup Changing the Online Flower Industry for Customers and Florist

Sol Ambiance, Oxana Sanukova, Owner

When shopping for a flower arrangement online you will find major companies like FTD and 1800Flowers which typically has stock photos and you have no idea which local florist will be the actual arranger. This sometimes leads to a less than great arrangement or an arrangement that looks nothing like the stock picture on the site. There is a startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Ronny Conway and named by Entrepreneur and Business Insider as a top startup to watch that is changing the way you order flowers online and interact with the florist or customer. BloomNation is an online platform where local florists connect directly with customers and vice versa.

BloomNation is changing the online flower industry by finally letting you shop directly with the florists creating your arrangements — and letting you discover their original, one-of-a-kind designs. Besides their unique arrangements BloomNation’s marketplace gives shoppers access to quality arrangements at the best value. Since BloomNation has so many features for customers and florist below are the highlights for both.

Highlights on the consumer side:

  • Consumers receive a BloomSnap, which is a photo of the completed order before anything’s hand delivered to ensure that “what you see is what you ’ll get” and to prevent incidents like this.
  • The arrangements on BloomNation are of artisan florists’ original and one-of-a-kind designs—stock photos aren’t allowed on the site.
  • Consumers can call the florist directly with any questions or changes (i.e. changing the delivery date if something comes up) so there’s 100% transparency between the consumer and the florist.
  • Arrangements are already cut and uniquely designed upon arrival.
  • BloomNation offers same day hand delivery.
  • BloomNation features the country’s biggest celebrity florists—ranging from a florist for the Academy Awards to Vera Wang, Celine Dion, and Julie Andrews’s florists, and much more

Highlights on the florist side:

  • BloomNation has increased local flower business sales of up to 500%, fixing these sorts of issues.
  • BloomNation discovers new customers for local florists that they would never have found otherwise.
  • Florists receive 90% of each sale through BloomNation (BloomNation even takes the credit card hit).
  • The site offers customized websites, e-marketing tools, PR and marketing opportunities, professional floral photo shoots and more for local florists
  • BloomNation brings the creativity back to floral design as floral designers get to design and showcase their original creations rather than having to follow a flower recipe when part of another flower site.
  • Florists get to set their own prices.

How does BloomNation work?

BloomNation brings florists and customers together with two points of contact:

  • 1. e-commerce platform
    On, each floral shop has its own storefront consisting of original designs and prices in accordance with their terms of service. Customers find your shop by searching a specific location or zip code.
  • 2. Premium website built for florists upon request
    Your own website, even if it’s customized by BloomNation, is wholly owned by you. You are allowed to list any legal products, and customers find your site the same way they would come across any other website.

Getting started on BloomNation

Ordering Flowers

  • Simply go to and enter your zip code
  • From there you will have pages full of different arrangements to choose from in various price ranges.
  • Once you have picked the arrangement choose the order date and complete the order form.

Signing Up as a Florist

  • From the BloomNation Home Page click the “I’m a Florist” tab.
  • Next screen you can fill out their form or call (424) 222-8210. 
  • After the account is set up you can start building your profile and catalog in the dashboard located here:

The average florist last year increased their online revenue by 40% by partnering with BloomNation. BloomNation is 100% independently owned and has zero affiliation with any other company. They only allow local, independent florists to use their platform.

I’m personally excited to test BloomNation out the next time I have to order flowers for someone because I always LOVE unique and original floral arrangements. To learn more about BloomNation or to shop their catalog please visit: