Announcing Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes 2021 Recipe Contest

For National Pasta Month this October, Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes, the home-crafted pasta sauce brand, has launched their 2021 Recipe Contest. Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes offers the opportunity for culinary novices and home cooks to submit their favorite recipes for a chance to win $1,000 and the opportunity to be considered for distribution at retailers nationwide.

The recipe contest will be available through midnight December 1, 2021, allowing for the Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes team to carefully evaluate every single recipe that comes to them.

Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes will pay homage to the brilliant recipes with additional opportunities to include adding the name, likeness, and signature of the original recipe creator to each jar, allowing family favorites to potentially become the favorite meal for food lovers across the country.

The Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes guidelines for each category include:

  • Detailed, step-by-step preparation instructions
  • List each ingredient in exact common U.S. household measurements and order of use in making the Recipe
  • Indicate cooking times and number of servings
  • Ingredients list must be 15 ingredients or less
  • Ingredients must be easy to find in grocery stores or online and not cost prohibitive (so no edible gold guys)
  • Fit within one of the two categories (and corresponding sub-categories)
    • Creamy Pasta Sauce
      • Alfredo
      • Vodka
      • Four Cheese (or other cheese types)
      • Garlic Cream (or other cream types)
      • Unique – a unique spin on creamy pasta sauce such as a special ingredient or twist from a specific region
    • Creative Favorites
      • Soup
      • Salsa
      • BBQ sauce
      • Chili
      • Salad dressing
      • Jams & jellies
      • Other
  • Include a short story/paragraph or detail of the recipe, and mention if it came from a family recipe or why it fits within a certain region of the United States plus a photo of your recipe and you!

Each winner will receive $1000 in the following categories:

  • Two Creamy Pasta Sauce Winners
  • Two Winners in the Creative Favorites Category

Also, all winners and select submitted images will be announced and featured on Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes social media pages @eatjustlikehome.

All winners will be notified of the final prize(s) on or about January 7, 2022, and announced by February 11, 2022. By entering, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules, and that the decisions of the judges are final and binding in all respects. To enter the contest please visit

Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes looks forward to finding the best recipes in the United States, and continuing their growing support of donations to local homeless shelters throughout the United States. In fact, they are building on the support of assisting homeless shelters by donating twenty-five cents of every jar purchased to homeless shelters throughout the country. 

To learn more about Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes please visit


Source: Eat Just Like Home