Sony’s aibo: The Newest Autonomous Entertainment Robot

The much anticipated Sony “aibo,” the autonomous entertainment robot, as of now is available for pre-order. How does the “aibo” work and what does it do? Continue Reading →

Introducing Travis the Translator


Travis the translator is a pocket-sized smart device that uses artificial intelligence to instantly recognize and translate speech in 80 languages in less than two seconds. Travis includes offline and online mode, 12h battery life and several other features that make it a smart device. Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence Drives Kolibree’s Ara Smart Toothbrush


Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning up your pad it also means it’s time to freshen yourself up. In today’s market what isn’t smart anymore? Now your toothbrush can be smart too. Ara, the first toothbrush with embedded artificial intelligence (AI), will be available in March.

Why in the world would I need a smart toothbrush? I asked myself the same and what I found below will not only give you a “Ah Ha” moment but will make you want to invest in a smart toothbrush. Continue Reading →