Review: Logitech’s “Play Collection” M325c Wireless Mouse

Logi MiceI have always been a Logitech girl since I had my first PC back in 1998. In fact I remember one company I worked for who used another brand so I brought in my own Logitech mouse. That didn’t fly well and co-workers were jealous of how cool my mouse was (for geeks it’s the little things in life that make us happy).

Logitech sent one of their newer mice the M325c from their “Play Collection” and it is very cool with its fun designs. My personal favorite design is the Ophelia Owl however I got a pretty one as well called Red Zigzag.Ophelia Owl

Ever have one of those days where you’re in mid-project and your wireless mice runs out of batteries and there is no replacements in site? Well Logitech is helping you with that problem since the M325c wireless mouse lasts up to 18 months. Not only did they resolve that issue this mouse can respond from up to 33ft away due to the Nano receiver.

The M325C also comes with Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, a USB receiver and has Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. It’s simple like every mouse from Logitech, just plug in the USB receiver and turn on the mouse.

If you’re interested in the Play Collection click here to see the different colors and also to shop for other great Logitech products. It currently runs for $29.99 and you can buy it on their site.

It’s time to make your desk pop and be the envy of all your co-workers with the designer Play Collection M325c Wireless mouse. I will also be testing the UE Roll, the K380 Multi-Device keyboard and the ConferenceCam Connect from Logitech in the next week or so. Stay tuned fans, it’s a Logitech party and it’s only just begun!


BelloBefore I go into the official press release of model Bello Sanchez I wanted to bring this all to your attention. Like so many other people in this country unfortunately Sanchez did not have health insurance. One of the many problems for those in his industry, contractors or like me who is a freelance writer.

For Bello Sanchez’s fans who want to make a donation to help cover his medical bills they can visit I also encourage fans to send get-well wishes via Twitter and Instagram, hashtag #BelloSanchez or #BelloFightsBack. There is strength in numbers and I’m sure his loved ones would love any positive tweets so that he has a fast recovery. I will also be tweeting this on @nrpena and @hitechchic.



DKNYIn an era that seems to be tech startup and crowd funding oriented the fashion world wanted dibs as well. Announced yesterday Decoded Fashion and DKNY are hosting an exclusive startup competition for the Decoded Fashion New York Summit on October 29th. Unlike other startup competitions “The DKNY Challenge” will seek out the most innovative startups and entrepreneurs to pitch a technology solution that will enhance the DKNY brand experience,with challenges focusing on innovative product personalization, tech innovation in textiles for new product design, and in-store experiences that add value for the consumer.* Continue Reading →

Press Release: FurniQi – Wireless Charging Bamboo Side Table

FurniQi Empower Your Home With Wireless ChargingEvery once in awhile a product comes to market that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” The FurniQi is one of those products.

Today the FurniQi , the Wireless Charging Bamboo Side Table, started their Indiegogo campaign. The FurniQi is a wireless charging table and the first in a range of products designed to combine stylish furniture with wireless charging for smart devices. For a while now wireless charging has made it easier for consumers to charge any device and now incorporating that function into furniture makes it even more convenient. If this is a sign of times I can’t wait till they create a wireless charging sofa.

FurniQi uses wireless charging technology to charge your phone just by placing it on the charging spot (no wires necessary!). Wireless power transfers through electromagnetic induction, which means that with inductive charging, power reaches the device through electromagnetic fields instead of through a traditional cable. The FurniQi does have some assembly required however it’s very simple and shouldn’t take much time. Upon receiving the FurniQi side table there should be 1 tables top with wireless charging built in, 4 legs, 4 screws, 1 hex key, 1 USB cable, 4 cable management clips, 1 instruction manual and a partridge in a pear tree ….

FurniQiOnly kidding about the partridge and the pear tree but as you can tell there will be some minor assembly but nothing that would require you to bust out your tool box.

The campaign on its first day has already raised $995.00 and its goal is to raise $50,000 in 35 days. The lowest contribution is the “Personal Paw Puck” that includes 1x WoodPuck; a Special Bamboo Edition wireless charger with your initials engraved on it. If you want to contribute and also get a FurniQi side table before everyone else the Early Panda FurniQi, starting at $119.00, includes a FurniQi side table with 1x charging spot plus guarantees it will be delivered before Christmas day. If you would like to find out more or contribute you can find their campaign here.  Continue Reading →


atx sTARTUP HAPPYThe week is finally here where geeks, entrepreneurs and the startup community all gather in Austin. Startup week started today with Capital Factory Tours, Educational Panels, Meet Ups and ending the day with the ATC Battle of the Bands.

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