Final Count Down to MTV’s VMA Red Carpet Pre-Show

VMAS FashionIt’s the final count down to the VMAs and the Red Carpet Pre-Show! The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) hosted by Miley Cyrus are a couple hours away starting at 9pm/ 8pm central on MTV, VH1, BET, TVLand and Comedy Central or live stream on MTV’s site via All Access Online (to view click here) OR on Youtube (to view click here).  

The Red Carpet and Pre-Show starts at 8pm/7pm central with red carpet arrivals beginning at approximately 6 p.m. ET. The Red Carpet for the VMAs is probably my favorite Red Carpet of all award shows because you never know what will happen or what someone is wearing. From glamorous to scandalous to what in the world were they thinking the Red Carpet is the must see part of the show. Continue Reading →

Jillian Mercado: Making Positive Changes in the Modeling Industry

Jillian MercadoWhen I was a child and throughout my teens I tried my hand at modeling but the brutality of image (and my personal image) made me quit. Back then it was the 90’s and the modeling industry was still pretty strict on the “type” of model they wanted on the runway. When I say type I mean in no particular order: weight, height, race and any other perceived flaw. I honestly felt you had to be perfect to walk the run way. Since then the modeling industry has come a very long way.

Today I found a beautiful article on about Jillian Mercado a blogger turned model who was diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy as a child. Jillian is making changes in the fashion world that will give girls who have the same struggles a new role model to look up to. Earlier this month she was signed to IMG which will be introducing her to an all new audience. Signing with IMG Jillian says “Working with IMG, my goal is to make it so that I am not the model in the wheelchair and I’m just the model.” Continue Reading →

My 1st Review with Hi-Tech Chic: The myCharge Style Power Charger

good toteThis is my first post & product review of my own site called Hi-Tech chic. After 6 years of writing Cutegeek!!! Don’t worry I will still write for them.

I received the myCharge Style Power Charger a week or so. Though I featured it in my “Back to School” post on, I didn’t have enough time to do a full unboxing.

Then I first start un-boxing I had no idea what it was, sorry guys! The box was full of this crinkling paper strands with Glitter. OH Crap! I thought this is worse than foam peanuts. After I dug the product out it was a cute little tote. Curios to what’s was is in the tote, I opened it and inside it was the myCharge Style Power Charger with some extra goodies from my pals at myCharge. Continue Reading →