Zapier Launches First National No-Code Day ⌨️ and Contest with 💰 Cash Prize

Zapier, the no-code automation leader, is launching the first National No-Code Day, an annual celebration of the people and technology that move us forward. Starting 2022, every year on March 11, Zapier will celebrate individuals, businesses, and other networks that create and automate without using code.

In honor of the inaugural National No-Code Day, Zapier is launching their No-Code Contest and opening a call for entries where you tell them what you’ve built using no-code! Haven’t had a chance to use no-code tools yet? This is your chance to begin building—the call for entries is open until April 13.

Started by Zapier in 2022, National No-Code Day celebrates the no-code movement and encourages more people to build things online without code. With no-code tools, anyone can build apps, create workflows, and automate processes, regardless of their technical ability. It’s all done on a visual interface and requires no knowledge of programming. National No-Code Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the early adopters and promote no-code to every business and organization that can benefit from it.

How to Enter the No-Code Day Contest:

Zapier is looking for the most innovative uses of no-code tools. So whether you’re an employee solving problems inside a company, you’ve used no-code to launch a side hustle, or you’re an entrepreneur who has built an entire business on no-code technology, you’re eligible for entry. 

The grand prize winner will receive: 

  • A $25,000 cash prize from Zapier
  • A one-hour strategy call with Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO of Zapier
  • A one-hour strategy call with Ben Tossell, founder of Makerpad

To nominate yourself, please complete this short entry form by April 13. Finalists will be contacted prior to posting, and winners will be announced in May 2022.

Additional National No-Code Day Activities:

  1. Explore no-code tools

Take your business to the next level by exploring no-code technology. Head over to Zapier’s website to start using their no-code tools.

  1. Take automation to the next level

Do you want to do even more with no-code? Consult a professional who can help you scale your processes even further.

  1. Post on social media

Share what you’ve built using no-code on your social media platforms. Use the hashtag #NationalNoCodeDay.

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