The Honker App: A New and Faster Way to Lease or Buy Cars

Buying or leasing a car is always a long process no matter how you slice it; unless you pay cash. The long wait of getting your loan approved, buying insurance while still at the car dealership and the haggling on the price is exhausting. Shouldn’t there be a faster process in this day and age? Why do you feel like you’re in the dark ages buying or leasing a car given the amount of time it takes to purchase it and drive it off the lot?

Honker is the newest app that allows you in three swipes to pick a car and get a price.

How does Honker work?

  1. Download the Honker app and register.
    1. You only do this once, so make sure your info is correct. On some basic info the will show you cars with final monthly lease prices. No fine print, no estimates, no changes! Get this, they don’t even need your Social Security number, credit card information, or any of your sensitive financial data.
  2. After downloading and registering browse around the app like your shopping alone, its free!
    1. Every car in their inventory is available for immediate delivery.
    2. Note: Be quick so no one takes the car you’ve decided to purchase.
  3. When you have found the car you would like click lease on the app.
    1. Note: They will casually ask you for your social and some other stuff so you can get those the car delivered to you with a contract in hand.
    2. After you submit this info, they will send you requests in the app for a few more things like your Driver’s License and Insurance card.
  4. Lastly, they will contact you with delivery or pick-up info.
    1. Note: All you need is a check or CC for your first month payment and signing fees and the keys are yours.

I have not tried the Honker app yet since I am not currently looking for a car, maybe in a couple months but certainly not now. For those shopping for cars at this time of year most dealership are trying to get rid of the last of the 2017 models. There are still great deals out there for cars and using Honker makes it even easier to buy or lease a car.

For more information about Honker and where to download the Honker app click here.


Source: Honker