The Great NES Classic Edition System Order Dilemma of 2016

nintendo-classic-saleSince the Mini NES Classic Edition System was available to purchase I have been one of the shameless people waiting for Best Buy to open on Black Friday and checking when Amazon had them available.  Recently I missed the boat again when Gamestop released them online and at limited stores a couple days ago but there is hope yet again to get a NES Classic Edition System before the holidays.

Per Best Buy’s press release earlier this week “On Dec. 20, Best Buy will have limited quantities of the console available in more than 1,000 Big Box stores across the United States. The NES Classic Edition will not be available on

They also stated that the NES Classic Edition will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Similar to their Black Friday process, Best Buy stores will have a ticketing process for customers waiting in line. Each Best Buy store will only pass out as many tickets as they have consoles available, and there is a limit of one per customer.

nintendo-classCurrently you can also purchase a new NES Classic Edition on from re-sellers on Amazon from $217.90 and up. I tad pricey since the MSRP is originally $59.99. If you plan to use Amazon note the NES Classic Edition System will ship same day via priority mail at no extra charge and said to arrive between December 22-29 depending on order date.

The NES Classic Edition System is also available at that is sold & shipped by WorldWide Distributors for a whopping $399.00 but don’t worry the shipping is free. That is 6.6 times more than the MSRP of $59.99.

The NES Classic Edition Systems are otherwise sold out at Gamestop and Target, the only other stores left that distribute them, until further updated.

If your feeling nostalgic and just can’t wait maybe get the refurbished NES MARIO 123 ZAPPER PAK on DK Oldies for $199.99 and ships within 1 business day.nintendo-zapper

To those that will be going to Best Buy on the 20th best of luck! I may be in line right with you! If you see me give me a hi-five!