Texas is Life Brand Launches “Texas is Caring” Donation Program for Texas Food Banks

On the weekend of February 13, 2021, the great state of Texas experienced one of the worst winter storm events to hit the entire state in nearly a hundred years. Across the entire state, the winter storm took out large portions of the electrical grid leaving millions of people without power.

It caused devastating pipe freezes and bursts people are still dealing with nearly a month later. The recent disaster also left tens of thousands without access to food staples and fresh produce for days.

Texas lifestyle and media brand Texas is Life this week announced they will begin donating a portion of all Texas Shirt t-shirt sales to local food banks on behalf of their customers and will track the donations publicly for everyone to see.

The program is called “Texas is Caring”, each month the brand will direct at least one dollar for every shirt sold to a food bank somewhere in the state of Texas. The company says profit or not, they will donate a portion of each sale from one of their Texas Shirt designs.

In an online statement the brand said they were inspired to create this new program after watching how Texans for years had come together to support each other during disasters. Texas is Life wanted to emulate this, but as an on-going event without waiting on a disaster. 

The donations will be directed to food banks in areas that are more frequently impacted by natural disasters, are seldom donated to, or that are located in so called ‘food deserts’ where access to fresh produce is already limited. 

According to their official announcement the brand also plans to create specific fundraiser t-shirts in the near future where a larger portion of proceeds will be donated to worthy causes across the state. In fact, Texas is Life has already started their donations sending 400 meals to the East Texas Food Bank for shirt sales in February of 2021.

Texas is Life customers and fans can track the program’s success on their Texas is Caring page here: https://texasislife.com/caring/. To purchase the Texas Shirt, please visit https://texasislife.com/product-category/texas-shirts/.


Source: Texas is Life