Ten One Design Launches Inklet 2 “Basic Mode” for Remote Learning

Yesterday during the Showstoppers virtual press event, Ten One Design presented the Inklet 2 software which is a tool for digital artists but now repurposed to assist with shared whiteboards for use in remote learning environments. The software allows you to write and draw on your trackpad, with finer control and enhanced sensitivity over standard trackpad use. Due to the recent circumstances, Ten One Design just launched the new “Basic Mode” for Inklet 2, designed with teachers in mind. Basic Mode simplifies the learning curve for Inklet 2 and allows users to just start drawing.

How does Inklet 2 work and what are the features?

Mac trackpads ignore small movements by default while Inklet 2 connects to the trackpad directly, and can sense those interactions that are otherwise ignored. Lightly touching the trackpad with your pen moves allows you to move the cursor around as usual. While drawing, Inklet detects even the slightest of movements for accurate, linear drawing performance.

During the Showstoppers presentation, they did a live demo of how Inklet 2 works, and below is a great introduction to how it works.

Inklet allows you to set the pressure required to click the trackpad and start drawing. It comes tuned to work great with Ten One Design’s Pogo pen, and can be customized as you see fit. Inklet reads the pen pressure from your trackpad and can deliver it directly to your drawing app. Photoshop and other apps use this pressure data to control line width and opacity.

One of the advanced features of Inklet are customizable Virtual Sliders, allowing you to map frequently used actions to the different edges of your trackpad. Slide your stylus along an edge of your trackpad and suddenly you’re changing brush size or undoing your last action. Inklet comes preloaded with sliders for popular apps like Photoshop, Pixelmator, SketchbookPro, and more.

With “Basic Mode” the advanced features are still there and can be turned on any time. Basic Mode will empower educators, tutors, and other users start using Inklet 2 easily to enhance the delivery of their content.

To celebrate the launch of Inklet 2’s Basic Mode, they are offering a 50% off sale on Inklet 2 for the next 30 days. Inklet 2 now retails for $19.98 (regularly $39.99) and the Inklet 2 with Pogo Pen bundle is now $24.98 (regularly $49.95).

To shop the Inklet 2 please visit: www.tenonedesign.com/inklet.php. To learn more about Ten One Design please visit: https://tenonedesign.com/home.php.  


Source: Ten One Design