Targus Reveals New Product Line at CES 2022

This week at CES 2022, Targus, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, revealed its latest lineup of products to empower today’s mobile and agile workforce. The new products include a new eco-friendly backpack with built-in Apple® Find My™ technology, the world’s first fingerprint-enabled docking station, and a wide range of antimicrobial tech accessories to help keep surfaces and devices cleaner and more resistant to harmful bacteria.

Targus continues its mission to create a more sustainable future with the expansion of its EcoSmart® Collection of laptop bags and tablet cases made from recycled materials. New to its Cypress™ with EcoSmart Collection, Targus is introducing its Cypress Hero Backpack with Apple® Find My™ Technology, a high-tech, sustainable backpack constructed from 26 recycled plastic water bottles. A CES® 2022 Innovation Awards honoree, the backpack has a built-in location tracker that enables its owner to find it on the Find My app if it goes missing.

Or if their iPhone® is lost, users can simply press a button in the backpack to ping their phone, sending an alert to inform them of its location. The backpack comes with a replaceable battery that is rechargeable via USB, and unlike other portable trackers, it is highly integrated, providing additional protection against theft.

Other new EcoSmart products include the Mobile Tech Traveler Collection, designed for modern, on-the-go professionals, including an XL backpackrolling backpack, and a roller duffel. By using GRS-certified recycled materials, plastic bottles are reborn to make everything from their lining to the body and trim. Additionally, Targus now offers a wider selection of EcoSmart tablet cases for iPad®, a contemporary professional line of Sagano™ EcoSmart Backpacks, and a 14″ Sagano EcoSmart Slipcase.

Targus has taken steps to make hybrid and remote work seamless for businesses and their employees with its award-winning docking stations and dock accessories that provide greater flexibility, productivity, and security than ever before.

The latest innovation in Targus’ docking lineup is the DOCK720: USB-C Hybrid/Universal 4K Quad Dock, the world’s first biometric device and docking solution in one. This powerful and flexible dock delivers support for single 8K resolution or four 4K displays, a robust assortment of ports, as well as security enablement via fingerprint authentication.

Extending Targus’ universal docking capabilities, it is also releasing a slim, sleek docking monitor where the dock and HD monitor are integrated into a single unit. The Docking Monitor incorporates a Targus USB-C® universal docking station into a 24″ LED display to create a clutter-free and productive workspace. It provides the world’s first single power adapter for the dock, both monitors, and the laptop.

Additionally, Targus has announced its DEFCON® Ultimate Universal Cable Lock Series, featuring a dual-head converter designed for use across multiple devices. The locks fit most laptops, docking stations, or monitors with a built-in lock slot via a simple-to-operate dial. The universal design of the lock covers the three major computer lock slots available in the market. This eliminates complexity and concerns about compatibility issues for retailers and customers.  

Building upon the innovative hygiene and utility of last year’s 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack, Targus is introducing a full portfolio of 2 Office antimicrobial products to suit a wider range of user needs, from laptop backpacks to laptop shoulder bags and protective sleeves. These products are infused with DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection, which effectively eliminates growth of 99.9% of germ-causing microorganisms to create a cleaner surface for their life.

Targus is also proud to announce that its 2021 CES Innovation Award-winning UV-C LED Disinfection Light has been UL-certified, making it the world’s first certified disinfection unit for commercial use under UL 962, the premier North American Standard for household and commercial furnishings that meet electrical, flammability, and personal injury safety requirements.

Targus Product Availability & Specifications

Living Sustainably

  • Cypress Hero Backpack with Find My Technology [Available: Spring/Summer 2022, SRP: $149.99]
  • 15.6″ Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart Backpack [Available: Now, SRP: $129.00]
  • 15.6″ Mobile Tech Traveler EcoSmart Rolling Backpack [Available: Now, SRP: $149.00]
  • 15.6″ Mobile Tech Traveler EcoSmart Roller Duffel [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $249.99]
  • EcoSmart tablet cases for iPad [Available: March 2022, SRP: $39.00-$59.00]
  • 15.6″ Sagano EcoSmart Backpacks [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $44.99-$74.99]
  • 14″ Sagano EcoSmart Slipcase [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $39.99]

Working Securely

  • DOCK720: USB-C Hybrid/Universal 4K Quad Dock and Fingerprint ID [Available: January 2022, SRP: $442.99]
  • Targus Docking Monitor [Available: February 2022, SRP: primary monitor with integrated webcam – $429.99, secondary monitor – $199.99]
  • Targus DEFCON Ultimate Universal Cable Lock Series [Available: February 2022, SRP: starting at $42.99]

Safety and Wellbeing

  • 15-17.3″ 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack [Available: Now, SRP: $119.99]
  • 15.6″ 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $114.99]
  • 15.6″ 2 Office Antimicrobial Briefcase [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $89.99]
  • 15.6″ 2 Office Antimicrobial Slipcase [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $67.99]
  • 15.6″ 2 Office Antimicrobial Sleeve [Available: Summer/Fall 2022, SRP: $34.99]
  • UV-C LED Disinfection Light [Available: February 2022, SRP: $299.99]

To shop Targus products please visit: https://us.targus.com/.

About Targus

For more than 35 years, Targus has been revolutionizing mobile computing accessories for large enterprises and consumers, alike. From laptop bags to tablet cases to peripherals and universal docking stations, they persistently conceive, design, and produce innovative, productivity-boosting solutions that make the complex, simple; and seamlessly integrate into the lifestyles of mobile professionals wherever they work – at home, in the office, or wherever they go. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Targus has global operations in more than 24 offices and distribution in more than 100 countries. Learn more about us at targus.com


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