Sister City, In Partnership with Microsoft, Announces New Generative Music Lobby Score Created by Experimental Musician Julianna Barwick

Sister City, a new hotel in NYC that embraces technology to offer guests a modern respite, debuts a first-of-its-kind lobby music score. Sister City’s goal was to completely rethink how sound can be specifically designed for public spaces by responding directly to the environment it lives in. Instead of a set playlist, this idea expands the possibilities of audiospheres and conceived an idea borne from Sister City’s experiential design, use of technology and love of harmony and balance. Sister City looked to Brian Eno’s Music For Airports and John Cage’s concept for “4’33”” as touch points for these conversations.

The hotel worked with Microsoft to help with the project and together brought in indie electronic musician Julianna Barwick to collaborate on a generative music score that exists as an extension of the hotel instead of an added layer.

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